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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 30, 2014

Virtual reality, cordless tools, and LED technology presented at the 2014 Assembly Show

Technologies designed to improve assembly line design, safety, and efficiency were presented at the 2014 Assembly Show held on October 28-30 at Rosemont, Ill. Virtual reality, cordless power tools, and LED technology are the focuses of the show.

By Joy Chang
October 3, 2014

Manufacturing’s inter-gender gap: Women in the field see benefits, those not in the field are skeptical

WiM survey finds job satisfaction among women in manufacturing, but young woman don’t consider it a potential career choice.

By Joy Chang
System Integration September 30, 2014

Young women avoid STEM careers due to negative images, stereotypes

Ginger Wange, STEM Development Manager for PBS Kids' SciGirls, explained that women are perceived and projected in the media as being bad at math and science, and this reinforced stereotype has discouraged young girls from pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers at the 2014 Women in Manufacturing Summit. See 7 tips to keep young girls interested in math and science.

By Joy Chang
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