Jose M. Rivera and Lisa Richter

Jose Rivera has led a successful global career in the automation industry working in six countries, most often in a regional or global role. Since March 2015 he has been the CEO of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). In this position, he has worked to advance the system integration industry by expanding the adoption of the CSIA Best Practices and by helping members recognize emerging trends and pursue associated business development opportunities. The CSIA Best Practices help independent system integrators build better companies. Lisa Richter is industry director of the Control System Integrators Association, where she helps members grow their business, share industry expertise and advance the industry of control system integration. She also is host of the popular Talking Industrial Automation podcast. Prior to joining CSIA, Lisa was vice president of marketing and communications for a commercial cleaning industry non-for-profit, as well as an award-winning consultant to the association industry.  


System Integration December 18, 2019

System integration in the digital age: Why you need it and how to get the best

System integration has been going on for decades, and it is likely to continue; companies and integrators need to adapt as end users turn to their internal engineering departments.

By Jose M. Rivera and Lisa Richter
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