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Sustainability August 17, 2023

Flow batteries designed to help sustainable grid of the future

Researchers have designed over 100 types of organic molecules called ionic oligomers, that are ideally suited for flow batteries, which could increase their use.

By Jason Daley
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Mechanical & Electrical February 24, 2023

Technique developed to increase understanding of electrochemical interfaces

Researchers have pioneered a noninvasive way of measuring an important but difficult to determine variable in electrochemical interfaces.

By Jason Daley
Courtesy: Arnold Lab, UW-Madison
Mechanical & Electrical September 16, 2021

Carbon nanotubes could replace silicon in transistors

Engineers have worked out a method to make orderly sheets of 2-dimensional carbon nanotubes by aligning them between layers of water and a solvent “ink.”

By Jason Daley
Energy Efficiency & Management July 29, 2020

Control approach helps campuses minimize energy costs

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers designed a new stochastic model predictive control system for central utility plants, which could help universities and manufacturing facilities that generate a lot of energy.

By Jason Daley
AI & Machine Learning March 3, 2020

Machine learning speeds up biofuel production process development

Researchers at UW-Madison have found a way to speed up the process of finding suitable reaction conditions using machine learning, which may help the era of biofuels come a little bit sooner.

By Jason Daley
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