Gilbert Welsford Jr.

Gilbert Welsford Jr. is the founder of ValveMan and a third-generation valve entrepreneur. He has learned valves since a young age and has brought his entrepreneurial ingenuity to the family business in 2011 by creating the online valve store - Gilbert’s focus is building on the legacy his grandfather started, his father grew, and he has amplified.


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Safety & PPE April 12, 2023

Five ways to improve process valve safety in manufacturing facilities

Process engineers should prioritize valve safety in manufacturing as they strive to streamline industrial processes.

By Gilbert Welsford Jr.
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Mechanical & Electrical February 27, 2023

Know what to prioritize when choosing a valve

Certain valves are suited for certain areas and applications. Four areas on what to prioritize when choosing a valve are highlighted.

By Gilbert Welsford Jr.
Mechanical & Electrical February 2, 2023

Fluid viscosity effects on valve performance

Selecting valves for viscous fluid service is not as straightforward as it may appear. The valve must support variance caused by system variables like temperature and pressure drops.

By Gilbert Welsford Jr.
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Process Manufacturing July 18, 2022

Five things to look out for with actuated valves in high-pressure environments

When using actuated valves, users should consider the valve size, actuation speed, where the application is being used and more.

By Gilbert Welsford Jr.
Plumbing, Pumping June 27, 2022

How to mitigate reverse flow

Reverse flow in piping systems manifest into the form of sporadic pipeline vibrations, media contamination or physical damage

By Gilbert Welsford Jr.
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