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Hydraulics July 1, 1999

Interactive training: Is it in your future?

Training is moving up on almost everyone's priority list. The rapid changes in technologies used in plants, plus a tight labor market, are major reasons, but it goes deeper than that.

By Gary Weidner
Safety Standards June 1, 1999

Maintenance paints and coatings

Since ancient times, paint has been used to protect, decorate, and identify surfaces. It is also the number-one method of combating corrosion. The term coating is often used interchangeably with the word paint.

By Gary Weidner
Hydraulics January 1, 1999

Simple solutions to common maintenance problems

Most short cuts are based on skillful application of common sense, so a typical reaction to a new tip is "Why didn't I think of that?" Ideas for faster, easier, less expensive (and perhaps better) ways to deal with maintenance tasks deserve to be shared. That's why Plant Engineering magazine publishes "Tips & Tricks" and "Simple Solutions." If you have one or more tips that you are willing to share with fellow professionals, see "How to submit suggestions" at the end of this article. All submissions received during the year will first be considered for Plant Engineering's annual September "Tips & Tricks" presentation, where entries voted tops by readers receive substantial cash awards. Whether they win a prize or not, ideas deemed useful will be published in "Tips & Tricks" or "Simple Solutions." It's important to note that simplicity and widespread applicability are two criteria for suggestions.

By Gary Weidner
Gears and Bearings October 1, 1998

Update: Handheld multimeters

The five core functions of handheld multimeters have always been to measure ac and dc voltage and current, and resistance.

By Gary Weidner
Motors & Drives May 1, 1998

The Motor Challenge

The DOE Motor Challenge is a program offering resources that promote energy efficiency in industrial motor systems. The program supplies unbiased information about motor system design, purchase, and operation from experts who have practical experience.

By Gary Weidner
Motors & Drives May 1, 1998

Motor efficiency standards create new challenges

Big brother or helpful partner? The federal government's Department of Energy (DOE) has been working hard to change the old stereotype of government as a heavy-handed regulator.

By Gary Weidner
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