Frank Lamb is the founder of Automation Consulting LLC, the creator of Automation Primer, and is a member of the Control Engineering Editorial Advisory Board. Courtesy: Automation Consulting LLC

Frank Lamb


Hydraulics May 10, 2023

Maintenance troubleshooting best practices for fluid power

Fluid power is used to describe pneumatic and hydraulic systems and there are many maintenance considerations to keep them running optimally.

By Frank Lamb
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance May 3, 2023

Maintenance and troubleshooting fundamentals for industrial automation

Maintenance and troubleshooting includes replacing, adjusting, and repairing elements of a machine or system so that it can properly perform its required functions

By Frank Lamb
Mechanical & Electrical April 19, 2021

Original equipment effectiveness’ role in productive manufacturing

Original equipment effectiveness (OEE) can be used as a gauge to determine how effective and productive a manufacturing plant is.

By Frank Lamb