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Eric Whitley is senior account manager at Leading2Lean, a CFE Media content partner.


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Plant Automation April 22, 2022

Three ways SaaS enables global manufacturing process standardization

Software as a service (SaaS) can help solve the problems faced by companies to take manufacturing process improvement and standardization worldwide.

By Eric Whitley
Routine maintenance options.
Maintenance January 14, 2022

The benefits behind cycle-based PM

Moving from calendar-based to a cycle-based preventive maintenance system can be a game changer for organizations

By Eric Whitley
Maintenance September 21, 2021

Why cycle-based preventive maintenance is becoming simpler

Technology advances, particularly cloud and mobile technology, as well as smarter intelligence are making preventive maintenance (PM) operations easier.

By Eric Whitley
Lean Maintenance November 18, 2020

Mattress company adopts Lean system

Purple deploys L2L’s Lean execution system to great success

By Eric Whitley
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