Brian Mann

Brian Mann ME, PE is the Air Systems Manager for Sullair. Since joining Sullair in 2019, Brian has collaborated with Sullair channel partners and customers to maximize compressed air system energy efficiency. He holds a Master of Engineering in mechanical engineering degree from the University of Louisville and is a CAGI Certified Compressed Air System Specialist.


Compressed Air December 20, 2023

What to consider when sizing your compressed air system

There are many factors to consider when sizing compressed air systems such as capacity and pressure, but also its role in the company short- and long-term.

By Brian Mann
Air Leak Maintenance: Conducting regular, annual air audits by certified professionals should be part of an overall compressed air system management initiative.
Compressed Air May 12, 2022

Let’s talk about compressed air systems

Managing leaks (and everything else) in an industrial compressed air system

By Brian Mann
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