Top 5 Plant Engineering articles, February 8-14: Beverage manufacturer breaking tradition, operators in EMP, risk assessments and global requirements, more

Articles about how a beverage manufacturer broke U.S. traditions, involving operators in EMP, risk assessment as a global requirement, the IIoT offering economic and operational benefits, and OEE scores were Plant Engineering's five most clicked articles from last week, February 8-14. Were you out last week? You can catch up here.

By Erin Dunne February 15, 2016

Plant Engineering Top 5 most read articles online, for Feb. 8-14, covered how a beverage manufacturer broke U.S. traditions, involving operators in EMP, risk assessment as a global requirement, the IIoT offering economic and operational benefits, and OEE scores. Link to each article below.

1. Major beverage manufacturer breaks long-held U.S. traditions

The best solutions for today’s U.S beverage manufacturers are equal parts IT and ingenuity. 

2. Involving operators in equipment maintenance plan

The success of your equipment maintenance plan (EMP) will depend on how involved operators were in its development and implementation. 

3. Risk assessments—Global requirement

Companies that follow guidelines stated in the machine safety standards and comply with their requirements find benefits that go straight to the bottom line. 

4. IIoT offers economic, operational benefits

IIoT offers new challenges and opportunities for manufacturers. Included in these opportunities are benefits such as connectivity, efficiency, and reliability. 

5. Figures don’t lie: Be honest about your OEE score

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) is best used as a baseline for improvement, not merely a  bragging point to show how well your plant is running. 

This list was developed using CFE Media’s web analytics for stories viewed on, February 8-14, for articles published within the last two months. 

-Erin Dunne, production coordinator, CFE Media,