SaaS offers low-risk approach to money-saving technologies

Many manufacturers are looking for solutions that can cut costs today but without having to make major investments. Software-as-a-Service can reduce implementation time, risk, and cost.

March 13, 2015

Along with many other industries, oil and gas companies are feeling the pinch of confused markets. They’re looking for ways to support production while reducing costs quickly without making large investments of time and money. In response to these needs, EMC now allows its customers to get many of its leading software solutions up and running quickly via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscriptions.

The company says that traditional software delivery methods require companies to purchase, install and maintain the software solution. In many cases, additional hardware is also required to host the software solution, and to distribute in to users. This method works well in many cases, particularly for large-scale implementations.

But in other instances, SaaS is a better solution because it allows customers to subscribe to specific software services, and pay on a per user basis. Implementation is nearly instantaneous as all host software is installed and maintained on the supplier’s servers in the cloud. Customers securely access the host application through any preferred browser, with no need to install software on their PCs, mobile devices, or IT systems.

Access is via any device supporting a browser such as a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone. Many SaaS solutions also come with an app, further simplifying remote access via a tablet or smartphone. Because SaaS is cloud-based, worldwide access is built-in, requiring only a wired or wireless connection from the device to the Internet.

EMC holds up its Supplier Exchange product as an example of a cloud-based solution that it says can save oil and gas companies money immediately upon implementation. Part of its Documentum engineering, plant, and facilities management solution suite—EMC Supplier Exchange is a cloud-based solution that streamlines the distribution, review, and approval of transmittals and contract deliverables within our customers’ global network of suppliers, vendors, and partners. Benefits include:

Streamline—Accelerates the delivery of content within the customers’ global network of partners by automating time-consuming document import and validation processes. It also speeds up the process of submission, review, and approval of transmittals and contract deliverables.

Simplify—With simple, intuitive user interfaces, structured workflow, and notifications, users require little if any training, especially important for users in remote locations and within organizations external to the project owner company.

Secure—Securely access content in a centralized space versus using email and shared drives, or allowing access to internal networks. Role-based access controls and fully encrypted storage and transmission ensure data integrity and protect intellectual property.

Software-as-a-Service—Realize all the benefits of cloud computing: fast deployment, wide access to authorized parties, and minimal configuration requirement. Plus, the flexible, pay-as-you-go subscription model requires little or no capital outlay.

EMC says that SaaS solutions quickly deliver these benefits with minimal required investment, helping users speed time to market.

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