Online maintenance tracking service alerts mobile communications devices

By Plant Engineering Staff July 18, 2006

Link It Software Corporation announced recently a new feature has been added to its web-based service, EZ Maintenance Web ( EZM Web enables users to track and schedule preventative maintenance and control inventory for any amount and type of equipment or vehicles via the Internet.

The new feature allows users of EZM Web to set a preference to have maintenance alerts with details of what is to be done automatically sent to designated pagers, PDAs or cell phones.

“EZ Maintenance Web is the direct result of customer requests we received for an easy-to-use, online approach to maintenance and inventory tracking,” said Wayne McFarland, CEO of Link It.

EZ Maintenance Web includes all of the features Link Itr vehicles.

EZ Maintenance Web’s key features include:

%%POINT%%Online maintenance and tracking. Users can schedule regular preventive and emergency maintenance. They can also view and maintain their maintenance efforts in real-time.

%%POINT%%Online work orders. Customers, field employees, outside vendors or tenants can submit maintenance requests and check work status online. Work orders can be forwarded to a user’s employees or outside vendors.

%%POINT%%Full inventory control for maintenance needs and access to all inventory online. Inventory can also be ordered directly from vendors online through EZM Web.

%%POINT%%Link to QuickBooks. Automatic, real-time data transfer of customer and job information.