M12 cordsets

By Plant Engineering Staff February 6, 2007

The armored M12 cordsets provide protection against abrasion, cuts, water, oil and impact, and are intended for use in automotive, stamping plants and welding environments. The cordsets meet open wiring specifications allowing their use in place of conduit, thereby reducing the extensive labor, wire-pulling, cutting, bending and moisture problems associated with conduit. The armored cordsets use PVC-jacketed cable with interlocking aluminum armor that is ITC/PLTC (instrumentation tray cable) rated. The connection to the coupling nut also facilitates the grounding of the connection. Cable connectors provide IEC IP68 protection, and are rated for 250 Vac, 250 Vdc and 4A. The armored eurofast line provides three, four and five-wire options, with 18 and 22 AWG wire. The cordset line offers male or female, straight connectors, standard and custom lengths and pigtails or extensions. Fully-encapsulated mating receptacles with front and rear-mount threads are also available.

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