Hospitality industry looking to AI for improved service, security and more

The hospitality industry is adopting artificial intelligence to enhance guests experience, safety, security, and service while staying at hotels.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA) March 26, 2020

The hospitality industry and AI have come together to provide a remarkable guest experience. It might seem impossible, but hotels and others in the travel space hope to offer you the same, and even better, service that you currently receive from the best in the hospitality industry.

You’ve most likely interacted with AI in the last year. If you’ve called an automated voice prompt or sent messages to a chatbot, you communicated with AI-powered technology. Or if you’ve used your smartphone’s digital assistant or have a voice assistant at home to lock your doors or turn on your lights, you’ve used AI. What could AI mean for your next hotel stay?

Hospitality and AI answer guest inquiries

By now, you’re probably wondering what AI might do for you. Did you know that some hotels now have robots at the check-in desk or in the lobby to answer questions and provide information? Complex artificial intelligence algorithms and robust databases let robots understand requests and even learn new information based on their queries or feedback.

The AI-powered robots can offer a lot of information, such as what time the restaurant opens, where the pool is located, or how the weather will be during a guest’s stay. If you’ve ever stayed at a large hotel, you know how hard it is to find your way around. But next time you travel, these intelligent hospitality robots could be your guides for the hotel.

More hospitality and AI applications

Unfortunately, hotels introduce some risks to travelers. Well, not the hotels, but other characters inside the walls. But hotels have added AI-powered robots to keep an eye on guests. As delivery robots transport items around the hotel, they capture images and look for signs of bad behavior. A manager can review the footage or be alerted to potential issues.

Hotel managers know the importance of providing a personalized experience for each guest when they arrive at the property. But the experience starts even before booking. Fortunately, AI can help. Hotel-managed chatbots can use AI to answer simple requests. If they don’t know an answer, they can alert a team member who does.

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