General and Maintenance Software – 2003-11-01

By Staff November 1, 2003

Asset software monitors usage

Datastream 7i Analytics , a new version of asset performance management software, provides analytical technology that enables users to derive valuable intelligence from their existing asset data to make better business decisions. Features include asset hierarchy management, audit trail, messenger, multiple-organization security, preventive maintenance flexibility, usage monitoring, key performance indicators, and workload inbox.

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CMMS accessible anywhere

Maintenance Connection web-based computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) includes asset management, work order tracking, preventive and predictive maintenance, labor scheduling, online service requests, spare parts inventory, procedure library and reporting capabilities. Features include web-based user interface, easy navigation, customized reports, central data storage provisions, and global access.

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Program strengthens CMMS

Reliability Toolbox is a CD-ROM-based enhancement program that helps plants obtain and secure valuable machinery information and helps to provide consistency in job performance and employee training. Program is deployed across the organization to improve weakest links in CMMS program, maintenance procedures, and documentation. Provides more than 50 boilerplate maintenance forms, procedures, and job aids.

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Software calculates cost of ownership

TCO Toolbox industrial, vendor-neutral software calculates the total cost of ownership (TCO) of any product, system, or service. Software provides analysis of existing vs. proposed solutions and customization capabilities. Easy-to-use tabs and numbered fields deliver user-specific cost flowcharts, TCO bar charts, data sheets, and return on investment (ROI) calculations.

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CMMS/EAM comes with source code

MicroMain XM computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)/enterprise asset management (EAM) upgraded software features automated work orders, preventive maintenance scheduling, asset tracking, asset histories, extensive standard and customizable reports, and inventory and budget control, which includes purchase orders and fleet management. Program includes entire source code, giving users customization control.

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Data collection reduces downtime

FIN Version 3.6 client/server-based monitoring and data collection system helps plants improve efficiency and reduce downtime by monitoring equipment and process parameters in real time. Updated version includes customizable reports, drag-and-drop capability, new trending tools, and an optional wireless Tablet PC. Collected data include temperature, pressure, weights, motor load, speed, switch status, and PLC I/O status.

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Program analyzes OEE, MTBF

FactoryPulse 6.0 asset utilization and productivity analysis software features OPC compatibility, Microsoft .NET architecture, SQL capabilities, and point-and-shoot analytics targeted toward overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) improvement, setup/changeover reduction, mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) analysis, minor-stop reduction, and value-stream analysis.

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Software maximizes productivity

MAXIMO 5.2 strategic asset management software provides asset, work, and materials management. Purchasing capabilities help plants maximize productivity and extend asset life. Software cuts time and money from maintenance process and ensures parts availability, while decreasing inventory investment. Enhancements include user interface, search capabilities, dialog box, document linking, and equipment location drilldown.

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Mobile software speeds asset audits

SMART Auditor mobile software enables remote data collection to speed asset audits and make condition monitoring more effective. Software interacts directly with EAM systems; allows recording of class, subclass, and asset descriptions such as nameplate data. It also enables users to conduct physical counts, create work requests on demand, build spare parts/job plans, update equipment locations, and use barcode scanning.

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Wireless EAM eliminates paper

iMaint Mobile.NET wireless enterprise asset management (EAM) software system offers paperless operation and multiple inventory functions. System allows users to instantly receive work orders, update work orders as jobs are performed, enter work requests as problems are found, issue and receive inventory, perform physical accounts and adjustments, barcode to reduce data errors, and update asset information.

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Building automation program interfaces with CMMS

ProTeus Alarm Interface (PAI) building automation system (BAS) software integrates BAS and industrial automation software with CMMS/EAM for automatic activation of work orders based on real-time controls. User-friendly configuration utility associates an alarm or alert with a specific work order defining tasks, labor, and parts required. Program can run as a service or an application. Customizable viewer allows users to modify fields.

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