Energy storage system earns UL listing

By Plant Engineering Staff September 5, 2006

Pentadyne Power Corp. has earned an Underwriters Laboratories listing for its second-generation VSS+DC flywheel-based clean energy storage systems.

According to the UL Website, the UL listing granted is based on “basic standards used to investigate products in this category…ANSI/UL 508, ‘Industrial Control Equipment,’ UL 1004, ‘Electric Motors’ and UL 1248, ‘Engine-Generator Assemblies for Use in Recreational Vehicles.'”

Pentadyne flywheel systems supplement or replace lead-acid battery arrays used with UPS systems. Chemical battery banks require extensive, costly and lengthy permitting processes due to their corrosive materials, fire hazards, toxic fluids and explosive gas emissions.

Pentadyne’s flywheel power system can completely replace, or greatly extend the life of, lead-acid batteries commonly used in most UPS configurations. In comparison to batteries, the VSS+DC improves UPS reliability while eliminating costly ventilation and cooling requirements as well as reducing lifecycle cost and maintenance/replacement needs.