Creating a new path forward with community-driven innovation

Community-driven innovation is pushing the STLE forward with an emphasis on professional development and better communications with current and future members.

By Karl Phipps October 19, 2022
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated

Workforce Development Insights

  • The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) is using a vision statement called Perfecting Motion to enhance their professional objectives and develop its member community.
  • The initiative is supported by four strategic pillars: Professional development, technology and innovation, communications and advocacy and organizational excellence.
  • A three-tiered approach is being used to fulfill this strategy – connect, learn and achieve.

The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE) has provided the tribology and lubrication engineering business sector with a robust selection of resources for technical research, education and professional development since 1944. Recently, the society has taken steps to develop a vision that better reflects its objectives as well as the changing needs of its member community.

The result of this reflection is a new vision statement that captures what STLE and its members collectively strive for — Perfecting Motion, which is supported by four strategic pillars:

  1. Professional development. Preparing for the next generation of technical professionals through recruitment and training.
  2. Technology and innovation. Identifying the enormous economic and commercial impact that tribology advancements can have on the future and sustainability of the world.
  3. Communications and advocacy.Promoting the tribology and lubrication engineering field to a wider global audience to heighten visibility and fund research reflecting the value the sector brings to advancing technology.
  4. Organizational Excellence. Continuing to build a stronger society for STLE members by operating effectively, efficiently and intentionally.

To put this new vision into action, STLE is implementing a multifaceted strategy to support its mantra – connect, learn and achieve.

Connecting with people

By sponsoring meetings and conferences, local section meetings, educational seminars and networking events – including the STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition, the STLE Tribology Frontiers Conference and the Tribology and Lubrication for E-Mobility Conference – the society is helping professionals and academia to connect with top leaders in the field of tribology and lubrication engineering.

STLE’s corporate membership and volunteer opportunities are also valuable ways of building the society’s membership community. STLE corporate memberships enable organizations to educate their employees, promote their business, market their products, raise their industry profile and access a global network of experts, including STLE’s technical committees – a worldwide community of contributors with knowledge and expertise in a wide array of specialized areas.

Learning through continuous education

As a technical society, continuous education is a necessity for the future success of the organization. STLE has a strong and longstanding reputation as an education provider, offering up-to-date technical and scientific information through its publications, technical peer-reviewed journals and industry reports.

The organization is also helping the industry stay ahead of tribology advancements through innovative content and courses, including webinars featuring best practices and strategies. STLE’s education program includes online short courses, a metalworking fluid management program and onsite education courses. Members can also benefit from a peer-curated series of keynote speakers, plenary talks, and technical sessions from leading tribology professionals and researchers around the globe.

STLE’s podcast series, “Perfecting Motion: Tribology and the Quest for Sustainability,” features insights from leading industry professionals about current issues and trends impacting the global tribology and lubricants community. Learnings from these sessions and other sources can be found in the society’s two key publications: Tribology & Lubrication Technology (TLT), STLE’s monthly membership publication, and Tribology & Transactions, a peer-reviewed journal featuring experimental and theoretical technical papers.

Achieve certifications, professional development

STLE members can boost their visibility through several prestigious certifications, awards and student scholarships. The society’s certification program is designed to verify individuals at various professional levels. Key certifications offered for the tribology and lubrication engineering business sector include Certified Lubrication Specialist (CLS), Certified Oil Monitoring Analyst I & II (OMA), and Certified Metalworking Fluids Specialist (CMFS).

Members can also benefit from the organization’s awards program, offering individuals acknowledgment of outstanding technical achievements and contributions in the field – including early career awards and a presidential award program featuring academic scholarship grants.

STLE is hopeful these efforts and others will not only equip its members with the tools they need for future success but will inspire innovations from the broader community in the months and years ahead.

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Author Bio: Karl Phipps, director of communications and marketing, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE)