Center innovation for customers in process and safety control opens

The Center of Excellence in Houston is designed to expands manufacturing and logistics capabilities.

By Process Insights September 20, 2021
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology

Process Insights has opened a facility in Houston to better support its customers, distributors, contractors, and suppliers with improved delivery times, as well as on-site engineering, application consulting and process control solutions.

This new Center of Excellence, supported by a COSA Xentaur manufacturing facility, will allow Process Insights to ensure better delivery times for high-tech instrumentation and state-of-the-art moisture measurement systems, as well as to showcase a world-class suite of gas, water and liquid analysis solutions.

Supporting process industries including petrochemical, energy, environmental, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, laboratory, chemical, agriculture and wastewater, the Center provides an array of customer-centric resources and expertise. A full-access demonstration suite, training and other services combine to deliver new technologies critical to keeping process plants up and running efficiently and safely with minimal unplanned downtime.

The center integrates the best ‘hands-on’ engineering, application consulting and process control solutions including the COSA Xentaur solutions for SF6, dew point, purity and decomposition and Alpha Omega Instruments’ trace and percent oxygen analyzers.

Other solutions include the ATOM Instrument total sulfur and nitrogen analyzers, Extrel CMS mass spectrometers, LAR water quality analysis analyzers, MBW Calibration precision humidity measurement and calibration systems with chilled mirror technology, and the Tiger Optics laser-based gas analyzers for ultra-high-purity parts-per-trillion levels measurement using cavity ring-down spectroscopy.

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