Cat5e armored cable assemblies

The TRD8RGMT line of ruggedized RJ45 plugs, made of durable crush resistant metal armor, and super superior shielding ensure data transmission up to gigabit ethernet speeds.

By CFE Media October 1, 2014

The TRD8RGMT line of ruggedized RJ45 plugs and jacks are constructed to be extremely durable and feature crush resistant metal armor.

The six cable assembly families use Category 5e cable that is double shielded, high-flex, as well as UV and oil resistant and are also made with a flame retardant thermoplastic elastomer jacket that is CMX outdoor rated. The metal armor protects the cable from impact damage and offers 1,500 pounds per square inch crush resistance.

Superior shielding ensures higher data transmission rates up to gigabit Ethernet speeds.

They are designed for use in outdoor and industrial and military applications.


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