Air cooled condenser

A ModuleAir Air Cooled Condenser (ACC) will provide process cooling of exhaust steam.

By SPX Cooling Technologies Inc. March 31, 2015

A ModuleAir Air Cooled Condenser(ACC) developed and manufactured by SPX Cooling Technologies will provide process cooling of exhaust steam as part of the power generation operation at the Red Leaf Resources Inc. (Red Leaf) shale oil extraction process plant. Natural gas produced at the site will power two boilers serving a 7 MW steam turbine generator. The ModuleAir ACC will condense exhaust steam from the steam turbine and return condensate to the boilers through the use of dry cooling, thus eliminating water usage from the cooling process. The Red Leaf Seep Ridge plant will use the EcoShale In-Capsule Process involving heating mined shale in a closed surface impoundment or capsule to produce high quality feedstock. The production of high hydrogen content natural (produced) gas is a byproduct of the extraction process. The use of this produced gas for power generation represents captured value that would otherwise be lost potential in the shale-oil extraction process.

SPX Cooling Technologies Inc.

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