2016 Engineering Leader Under 40: Tyler Lalime, 27

Principal Software Engineer, Kepware Technologies, Portland, Maine

By Erin Dunne, CFE Media September 15, 2016

Tyler Lalime, 27
Principal Software Engineer; Kepware Technologies, Portland, Maine

Lalime serves as a role model for engineering students looking to enter the workforce. He is often recognized by senior leaders in the company for his vast knowledge of the automation industry and his keen ability to make sense of some of the industry’s toughest challenges. As a sophomore at the University of Maine, Orono, in 2008, Lalime received Kepware’s Scholarship for Excellence in Engineering. Lalime’s scholarship led to internships with Kepware in the summers prior to his junior and senior years. During Lalime’s internships, he worked on a team that helped enhance Kepware’s SNMP driver, and he worked with a colleague to create a hardware USB protocol analyzer that helps Kepware develop USB drivers. He was promptly given an offer to join Kepware full-time as a software engineer. Lalime played an integral role in the design and development of Kepware’s Local Historian advanced plug-in. As co-lead engineer, he ensured that the technology maintained its core purpose and functionality from inception to release and that customers’ major challenges were resolved. When he’s not overseeing engineering projects at Kepware, Tyler is an avid explorer and amateur anthropologist. In 2011, Tyler completed an 8,500-mile road trip around the country with his wife.