Yale Reliant

April 14, 2022

Yale Reliant is a suite of technologies designed to help support lift truck safety best practices that limit the risk of incidents like crashes or tip overs by enhancing operator awareness and reaction time. Warehouses can configure the system to automatically adjust truck performance like speed or lift based on truck stability, facility rules and proximity to obstacles, people and other trucks. Operators remain in control of the truck. While some competitive systems only offer beeps or lights, with Reliant, the operator can feel the performance reduction and the system triggers an alert to provide additional reaction time and the reason for the intervention.

In practice, the suite enables a broad range of functionality, such as preventing operators from entering designated pedestrian zones, automatic slowdowns when approaching the end of an aisle, preventing operators from lifting and carrying loads that exceed weight limits and more.

While some other systems may implement standard speed reductions, Reliant takes this a step further with the ability to apply a tailored, controlled deceleration. It continuously assesses the combined center of gravity of the truck and load by monitoring multiple inputs, so if it detects a potential hazard that may disrupt stability, it institutes a tailored rate of deceleration that accounts for the combined center of gravity, to help allow additional time for the operator to avoid the hazard without overcorrecting.

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