WIO Wireless Signaling

January 3, 2024

What is the Wireless Control System


The WIO Wireless Control System is a Bluetooth enabled system which allows for remote indication and monitoring. Working as a pair, the transmitter and receiver combination allows an operator to trigger a light with an alarm and notify personnel from up to 400 meters (with a built-in relay function). Serving as a gateway, WIO offers a user-friendly configuration to alert your personnel without physical limitations. The WIO wireless system is designed for simplicity, eliminating the need for a PC – just plug and play to streamline your communication and signaling processes.

The WIO System can be used for triggering warning lights, status indication lights, audible and voice alerts, as well as using the Receiver as a mirroring device. The Transmitter and Receiver units can both become signal towers without the need for acquiring other light towers. Other devices (including non-PATLITE products) can also be wired directly into the Transmitter and Receiver units. When the Transmitter is wired directly onto a machine, it can be used as a signal tower as well. From this Transmitter, the status of the machine can be simply mirrored with the Receiver in an office, or it can be set to trigger a warning to the Relay unit. The Receiver can also trigger network enabled devices to send out emails when wired in and configured to do so.

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