Winters Pressure Accessories

July 27, 2022

Winters Pressure Accessories from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new pressure sensing accessories from Winters. These accessories will protect delicate pressure measurement equipment from damage caused by pressure surges, superheated media, and more.  Included in the new product release are siphons that protect pressure gauges, transmitters, and switches from the effects of high-temperature media such as steam. New pressure snubbers protect instruments by suppressing pressure pulsations and spikes.  Added manual isolation and throttling needle valves isolate instruments from the sensed media, while block and bleed valves isolate instruments with the added ability to bleed off unwanted pressure. Both valves also allow for quick and easy removal and maintenance of measurement instruments without shutting down the process. Winters pressure accessories come with a 5-year warranty and start at $7.50.Learn more by visiting:

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