Spray Humidifier For Corrugated Cardboard Production

July 4, 2022

The spray humidifier can be installed on the different position of the corrugator line to replenish the moisture lost in the production process, making the corrugated card board can maintain the appropriate moisture content 12 to 15%. It works well on board corrugators. Install Position 1) The double-sided machine sprays lining paper at the entrance to add moisture to the lining paper before the paperboard is formed, and solves the problems of bending of the paperboard and burst lines of the lining paper. 2) Spray the inner side of the face paper (adhesive side) before the gluing machine. Before the cardboard is formed, add moisture to the facer paper to solve the problems of bending on the cardboard and bursting of the face paper. 3) Spray the face paper/lining paper before the slitter to add moisture to cardboard, completely solve the cardboard burst line and delay the cardboard storage time. 4) Single sided machine sprayed tile paper, supplement the moisture of the corrugated paper, increase the flexibility of the corrugated paper, and prevent the corrugated paper from breaking due to drying and poor adhesion.

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