Single Facer Machine

July 4, 2022

Cassette type single facer provides convenient maintenance and provides quick flute change. The corrugating rolls changing can be accomplished within 10 minutes utilizing a motorized cassette trolley, by which cassette is delivered into the machine and fixed on the base of the machine. Maximum mechanical speed is 250m/min. The diameter of the corrugating rollers is 380 mm. The diameter of the pressure roller is 520 mm. The diameter of the surfaces of glue roller is 302 mm, The diameter of the doctor roller is 170mm. The machine adopts positive pressure air cushion paper guide, with high utilization of heat energy, and good quality of corrugated shaping. Corrugated roller adopts positive pressure cassette type. It’s under the pressure roller, so as to lower the center of gravity of the machine. It’s smooth when under high-speed operation, and reduces vibration, so it’s more stable and smooth during operation. Corrugated roller exchange is saver and faster. Corrugated roller, pressure roller and glue roller adopts individual driving reduction box, to isolate vibration. The oil immersion lubrication and high precision gear driving ensure stable and reliable during operation. Corrugated roller sets get in and out hydraulic

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