SFS Drum Pump

November 15, 2022

Finish Thompson’s SFS Drum Pump is a sealless, high-performance drum/barrel pump with rugged 316 stainless steel construction. The new pump joins the Finish Thompson SF Series of high-performance drum pumps and is ideal for harsh applications involving flammables, solvents, mineral oils, and high-temperature applications, and has versions manufactured from FDA-compliant materials.

The new pump features a 1.6” (40 mm) diameter tube to accommodate both standard and smaller bung openings. Two impeller options provide either high flow or high head. The high-flow version comes with an integrated strainer to help protect the pump from damage. A hose and cord clip keeps the hose and plug off the floor.

The pump is suitable for use with flammables and combustible liquids up to 212 °F/100 °C, when used with the optional Static Protection Kit or conductive hose. Interchangeability with multiple Finish Thompson motors and six tube lengths adds further flexibility to these innovative drum pumps. Available in 316SS, PTFE, ETFE, and FKM, SF Series pumps can handle viscosities up to 1200 cP and feature a 1” (25 mm) hose barb with radial O-ring seal, which allows for hose movement without leakage.

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