Raymond High Capacity Orderpicker

October 28, 2022

The Raymond High Capacity Orderpicker is the first-of-its-kind forklift that delivers market-leading capacity at all heights and reduces annual cost per pallet stored by 19% compared with competitors. Designed to facilitate order picking a full rack higher than models currently on the market, the new orderpicker features an industry-leading elevated height of 456 inches, which allows for increased rack storage access to 11% more pick slots. The increased elevated height enables operators to optimize storage capacity for more usable space and improved SKU count without increasing a facility’s overall footprint. Further enhancing productivity efficiencies, this new orderpicker integrates with additional intralogistics solutions and energy technologies from Raymond:

  • Lithium-ion battery technology, which delivers more convenient charging and minimal downtime with opportunity-charging and fast-charging capabilities
  • The In-Aisle Detection System, which notifies operators traveling in the tractor-first direction when the system detects objects in the lift truck’s path
  • Zoning and Positioning technology, an operator assist option, whereoperators are able to focus on their surroundings and the task at hand instead of searching for the exact pick location, which ensures more reliable and repeatable lift truck operation by controlling many order picking functions

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