Pipeline Integrity Remote Monitoring Solution

January 23, 2024

SignalFire Wireless Telemetry, a leading manufacturer of industrial wireless telemetry products, is partnering with Axess-Corrosion, a UK provider of corrosion monitoring sensors, in integrating its RANGER cellular transmitter in a new pipeline corrosion monitoring solution.

Monitoring pipeline corrosion is important to determine the ongoing degradation of pipes and prevent leaks, process challenges, and failures. The new pipeline corrosion monitoring solution from Axess-Corrosion combines the RANGER IoT transmitter with a sacrificial sensing probe to provide data and alarms on pipeline corrosion levels.

In operation, the probe, which is inserted into the pipe, is equipped with a depleting “sacrificial” membrane and can detect corrosion or erosion of the membrane as finite as 0.0001”. By measuring depletion rate, the probe provides feedback on the predicted rate of corrosion on the pipeline wall. It is critically important to oil producers to receive feedback about the performance of the expensive, corrosion-inhibiting chemicals and if the dosage rate is optimal.

Utilizing the latest cellular LTE CAT M1 with MQTT/SparkPlugB technology for remote locations, the battery-powered RANGER cellular transmitter powers the corrosion sensors, then gathers and transmits data from the sacrificial probe to the cloud for remote monitoring control, and alarm from any web browser including mobile devices. By publishing over cellular networks using MQTT and TLS security, the RANGER Io

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