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Mechanical & Electrical October 11, 2023

M23 19-Pole Field Wireable Connectors

Mencom M23 Field wireable (attachable) connectors are flexible passive devices used for a wide variety of industrial signal and control applications. The “Crimp and Poke” method of wire termination provides a quick solution where pre-molded cordsets are not readily available, or where cabling needs to be repaired. The improved pin and insert designs make using these connectors even more effective and efficient. A simple change to the way the pin is captivated in the insert makes wiring, and re-wiring, if necessary, a quick and easy task. Gone is the old retention clip that could possibly be damaged when re-wiring or repairing. A simple extraction tool can now be used to quickly remove any contact. The pins and sockets for the M23 19-pole products accept a wire gauge range of 24-18 AWG. Mencom M23 19-pole field wireable connectors offer rugged and reliable connections with error-free field installation.  The universal design also provides a means for shielding the cable if needed. As a convenience, Mencom also offers a crimp tool (CCPZ-MIL) a locator tool (MCTP-V19) and the extraction tool (MCV19ES) to assist with assembly and disassembly, as well as MCV-001 to assist with the assembly of the female threaded connector.

Mencom Corporation
Plant Automation October 10, 2023

PolarP IXTY2P50PA P-Channel MOSFET

IXTY2P50PA, the first automotive-grade PolarP P-Channel Power MOSFET. This innovative product design meets the demanding requirements of automotive applications, providing exceptional performance and reliability.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 10, 2023

Digital Valve Controller

Emerson has announced the Fisher FIELDVUE DVC7K Digital Valve Controller, a new design improving upon 30 years of field-proven innovation. The DVC7K features Advice at the Device technology with embedded computing and analytics that convert raw data into actionable information locally with Bluetooth capability, within the device. This means maintenance personnel can receive the data via their phone, tablet, or computer wirelessly without having to be in a control room at the plant location.

Emerson Systems
Machinery and Equipment October 9, 2023

Prism ISP SDK processing software

Teledyne FLIR released version 1.0 of its Prism ISP, a highly optimized image signal processing software development kit for embedded systems designed to maximize performance in thermal and multispectral applications. Designed to run on low-power GPUs from Qualcomm and NVIDIA, Prism ISP includes image-enhancing functionality for: Noise reduction Super-resolution Electronic image stabilization Infrared and electro-optical video fusion Turbulence mitigation Locally adaptive tone mapping The Prism ISP libraries enable integrators in the defense, commercial, and industrial markets to dramatically enhance imaging quality as part of artificial intelligence (AI) data capture at the edge, improving performance, lowering development costs, and shortening time to market. Developers, data scientists and perception engineers can utilize Prism ISP with Teledyne FLIR market-leading thermal cores, including Boson, Tau 2, Hadron and Neutrino. In addition to Prism ISP, Teledyne FLIR has also enhanced Prism AI. This powerful, efficient perception software enables classification, object detection and object tracking in thermal and visible light spectrums.

Teledyne FLIR
Mechanical & Electrical October 3, 2023

800 volt, N-channel depletion mode MOSFET

Littelfuse, Inc., an industrial technology manufacturing company, is pleased to announce the launch of CPC3981Z, an 800 V, 100 mA, 45 Ohm, small power N-Channel depletion mode MOSFET. Compared to a standard SOT-223 package, this new product's SOT-223-2L package features a removed middle pin. That increases the drain-gate pin spacing from 1.386 millimeters to more than four millimeters. The extended creepage distance is beneficial in higher voltage applications such as switch mode power supplies or power factor correction startup circuits because designers can avoid the need for costly conformal coating or potting. The key differentiator of the CPC3981Z is its modified SOT-223-2L package which enables designers to meet the required extended creepage distance for higher voltage applications with a small discrete device.

Machinery and Equipment September 27, 2023

SSP safety switches

AutomationDirect has added SSP magnetic locking RFID non-contact safety switches to their portfolio of safety products. The SSP safety switches monitor and lock machine guards, doors, windows or other machinery. These safety switches combine both magnetic locking and RFID technology to provide tamper-proof protection using coded actuators. Contact is not required between the switch and actuator, which allows for a degree of misalignment.

Machinery and Equipment September 21, 2023

Combo head screwdriver for electrical applications

Cementex, the safety tool specialist and double-insulated tool supplier, highlights its combo head screwdriver. This specialty tool is designed for maximum contact with the combination head screws predominantly found on electrical devices such as terminals, plugs and sockets, making it an essential tool for electricians and electrical technicians working with these devices and fittings. Cementex’s Cushion Grip handle is designed for maximum comfort during long days in the field. Its cushioned handle provides strong grip and maximum torque power.

Cementex Products, Inc.
Machinery and Equipment September 21, 2023

Fleet line software for integrated equipment management

HCSS, a provider of innovative software helping heavy civil construction businesses streamline their operations, highlights its line of software products specifically designed for fleet operations. The HCSS Fleet product offerings include Equipment360, HCSS Telematics and FuelerPlus. This suite of software and hardware offerings integrates with existing field equipment to provide accurate, real-time data for informed decision-making in the field and office. Equipment360 was created to solve the industry’s most pressing equipment management and maintenance pain points while also enabling automated preventive maintenance.

Safety & PPE September 20, 2023

ThreadChecker with Inspection Capabilities for the Fastener Industry

This line of non-contact application-specific sensors provides rugged, reliable verification of thread presence or absence in nearly any electrically conductive material. The ThreadChecker is a teachable eddy current inspection tool, widely used for thread detection, material sorting, plating presence, and absence of heat treatment, as examples. Any physical property difference that relates to material conductivity is readily detected.

Kaman Precision Products
Electrical, Power September 20, 2023

Iboco wire duct options

AutomationDirect has added more Iboco wire ducts which provide an easy, efficient and safe way to organize wires and cables routed inside an electrical enclosure or cabinet. Our new shorter-length (1 meter) Iboco T1 series wide-finger-wall wire ducts and T1E series narrow-finger-wall wire ducts add more options for installation convenience in smaller projects. In addition, T1E series wire duct is now available in 2m self-adhesive versions that help reduce installation errors by temporarily holding the duct in position while being secured with screws. Iboco wire ducts are rugged UL recognized products made of a UL94V-0 flammability-rated PVC material and include two predetermined break lines on the sidewalls that allow easy removal of a single finger or a full segment from the base.