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Sensors, Actuators June 18, 2024

Ulefone Armor 25T Pro

Ulefone Introduces the Armor 25T Pro: A 5G Rugged Smartphone with Leading Thermal Imaging and Night Vision Ulefone launched its latest 5G flagship rugged smartphone, Armor 25T Pro, promising to be the most cost-effective 5G rugged smartphone sporting thermal imaging and infrared night vision capabilities on the market. Ulefone, a leading manufacturer of rugged smartphones, has officially launched the Armor 25T Pro, the slim, light, and powerful 5G flagship rugged smartphone, boasting both thermal imaging and infrared night vision capabilities. This new star is poised to redefine the user experience for adventurers, professionals, and anyone in need of a reliable and versatile device. Armor 25T Pro boasts innovative features and powerful performance without compromising on its cost-effectiveness. Key Highlights of Armor 25T Pro Industry-leading Thermal Imaging: The Armor 25T Pro is equipped with the latest ThermoVue thermal imaging sensor, offering a resolution of up to 160 x 120 for ultra clear thermal images.

Industrial PCs June 15, 2024


Designed for use in the smallest of spaces, ICP Germany is launching the NRU-154PoE and the NRU-156U3, two embedded systems with a flattop cooling design. The cooling design enables use in particularly confined spaces, such as in mobile vehicles. Thanks to the special design, the heat of the embedded system is dissipated to the vehicle housing.

ICP Deutschland GmbH
Mechanical & Electrical May 22, 2024

ATS Remote Annunciator

Russelectric, A Siemens Business, a leading manufacturer of power control systems and automatic transfer switches, introduces its new ATS Remote Annunciator (RTS-RA), a powerful accessory that brings together data from multiple Automatic Transfer Switches into a single display. The remote annunciator is designed to be configured by the customer. It allows monitoring of the position and status of up to eight Russelectric ATS types RTSCD and RPTCS, as well as viewing power data for each ATS and accessing current alarms and logged historical alarms. Users can initiate load tests and set timers remotely using the RS-422/485 Protocol to ATS.

Russelectric, A Siemens Business
Lubrication May 21, 2024

FloodStream Liquid Nozzle

For spraying processes where space is at a premium, EXAIR now offers the new 1/8 NPT FloodStream Liquid Atomizing Spray Nozzle. Producing a deflected flat fan pattern, the FloodStream provides a consistent and proficient spray for precise coverage in close quarters. Manufactured from 303 stainless steel, common applications include washing/wetting, dust suppression, lubrication, part cooling and more. Like all EXAIR spray nozzles, the FloodStream is versatile, and efficient.

Pumps May 17, 2024

IMO LB6D 3-screw pumps for LACT boost operations

CIRCOR International, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of differentiated technology products and sub-systems, announces its new IMO LB6D 3-screw pumps, ideal for use in oil and gas industry lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) applications. Built to last for LACT boost operations, the IMO LB6D pumps are engineered for maximum functional performance and the minimum of operating expenses. With IMO LB6D three-screw pumps, LACT system builders and oil drillers have a pump they can rely on despite challenging crude oil viscosities and oil contaminants prevalent in harsh field conditions. The screw pumps offer high-pressure boost advantages, with boost oil pressure better than typical gear pump solutions.

Circor International
Gears and Bearings May 14, 2024

Combination nut for industrial applications

As a direct response to manufacturers’ growing demand for solutions contributing to more efficient operations, Nord-Lock is introducing the combi nut, with sizes ranging between M6 to M16, as part of the standard product range. The Nord-Lock Combi Nut features a pair of captivated Nord-Lock original washers, meaning it combines parts previously assembled separately as one integrated product. The purpose and proven benefits of the combi nut are to enable easier and faster assembly in a range of industrial applications. That is primarily due to the upsides of not having to handle multiple loose parts in production, which could lead to incorrect assembly or accidentally dropping parts, both of which are virtually eliminated by the design of the Nord-Lock Combi Nut. The benefits of combi nuts are applicable and useful for a range of industries. Where the benefits are most useful are manufacturers in serial assembly, who can expect productivity gains with a reduced number of loose parts being used in repetitive and time-sensitive assembly. Also, for applications where access and assembly are difficult, the combi nut has the potential to streamline operations significantly. “At Nord-Lock, we first and foremost think of ourselves as a partner in bolting solutions, which means paying close attention to the challenges of specific customers and industries as a whole.

Process Safety May 14, 2024

Sole clean low-moisture automated footwear sanitizing pan

Meritech, the leader in automated hygiene technology, highlights its innovative Sole Clean Low-Moisture Automated Footwear Sanitizing Pan, setting a new standard for footwear hygiene in dry manufacturing environments, providing unmatched efficacy, convenience, and compliance with food safety regulations. This groundbreaking solution attaches to the CleanTech EVO Automated Handwashing Stations, effectively sanitizing any style of footwear in just 12 seconds, with a fast-drying footwear sanitizer specifically catering to dry or semi-dry production facilities. Proper footwear cleaning is a crucial aspect of any food safety program within a facility. Pathogens like Listeria and Salmonella can easily spread and contaminate surfaces due to inadequate footwear hygiene practices.

Pumps May 13, 2024

EasySwitch Wet-Dry Vac

EXAIR’s EasySwitch Wet-Dry Vac simplifies the filter change process when switching from vacuuming a dry material to a liquid or vice versa. Utilizing minimal compressed air, the EasySwitch is a powerful pneumatic vacuum that is ideal for any application - wet, dry, light and heavy. The fast and tool-less conversion to vacuuming liquids is done by releasing one latch, removing the filter element and securing the latch. Simply reinstall the filter into the lid assembly for dry materials.

HVAC April 29, 2024

ATEX Cabinet Cooler Systems

EXAIR’s new 316 Stainless Steel ATEX Cabinet Cooler Systems are the latest solution for protecting sensitive electronics in ATEX classified areas. This low cost and reliable product is UL tested, CE compliant, and meets the stringent requirements for use upon classified purged and pressurized electrical enclosures within Zones 2 and 22. With cooling capacities up to 5,600 Btu/Hr., it’s an ideal answer for protecting electrical enclosures with problematic overheating in areas with explosive atmospheres, both indoors and outdoors. EXAIR ATEX Cabinet Coolers produce and circulate cold air inside enclosures to prevent overheating, high temperature faults and costly shutdowns.

Mechanical & Electrical April 24, 2024

A-Bus Round Pur Chain

With its new round ASi bus cable, HELUKABEL can provide customers with a solution that is capable of being inserted into a drag chain with other round cables and hoses. Under part number 11009063 the A-BUS ROUND PUR CHAIN cable has four polypropylene (PP)-insulated conductors that are twisted into a star quad configuration. This type of construction enables better resistance to EMC interference when compared to other round ASi bus cables with four conductors, and therefore minimizes communication errors due to electrical noise or “cross-talk” generated from the power conductors.