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Electrical, Power March 5, 2024

High-performance plastic junction boxes for demanding environments

The TM Series plastic junction boxes, compliant with the international standard IEC 60670, ensure strict adherence to quality and safety regulations. The housing is made of halogen-free thermoplastic and comes in a gray RAL 7012 color to blend in with various environments. They feature 5 mm thick enclosure walls with surface indentations to help end users position and punch holes.

Mencom Corporation
Lubrication March 4, 2024

Machine Vitals sensing technology

Trico Corporation, a pioneer in lubrication management, unveiled Machine Vitals, a groundbreaking sensor technology within its Sensei IIoT network, aimed at revolutionizing industrial maintenance. This technology offers superior monitoring and predictive maintenance for oil-lubricated machinery, such as pumps and gearboxes. Jim Jung, Trico's President, emphasized the innovation's alignment with the company's vision to proactively prevent operational issues using data and analytics. Machine Vitals integrates seamlessly into machinery, employing dual-sensor sets to monitor internal and external conditions, including pressure, temperature, and humidity, alongside vibration and acoustic analyses for early issue detection.

IIoT, Industrie 4.0 February 26, 2024

Augmented Reality Web Application

EXAIR provides customers with confidence when selecting the right product for their process. To continue facilitating a high-quality user experience, has upgraded the resources available to users by adding Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities while visiting the site on a mobile device. Customers will now have the ability to not only view a 3D version of their selected product, but view a true-to-scale version of the product in their application.

Machinery and Equipment February 23, 2024

Small crimping tool for wire end ferrules

Weidmuller USA, a leading provider of smart industrial connectivity and automation products and solutions, headquartered in Richmond, Va., has developed and launched the PZ 2.5 S, the smallest professional crimping tool on the market for wire end ferrules. In control cabinet construction, cables of the most diverse cross-sections are fitted with wire end ferrules. On average, 90% of these connections are in a cross-section range of AWG 14 (2.5 mm2) and smaller. A focus on this cross-section range makes the PZ 2.5 extremely compact and ergonomic – the small handle width and the opening angle, as well as the weight, make the tool easy to use without incurring fatigue in the hand, wrist or arm.

Sensors, Actuators February 21, 2024

Dynamic Electromagnetic Flowmeters

KROHNE Highlights Dynamic Electromagnetic Flowmeters    Beverly, MA:  KROHNE, Inc. highlights its family of leading electromagnetic flowmeters, which achieve highly accurate flow measurement for all applications with conductive liquids. Whether it be basic custody transfer or demanding safety-related applications, these products always perform with pristine accuracy.

Machinery and Equipment February 20, 2024

Screw jack configuration and selection tool

Thomson, a leading global provider of linear motion control solutions, has added a unique screw jack configuration and selection tool to its online engineering toolset. The new Thomson screw jack product selector helps design engineers optimize and specify screw jacks for applications involving loads of up to 100 tons. “Screw jacks are increasingly replacing hydraulic cylinders in many ultra-heavy, low duty-cycle applications, and there are hundreds of thousands of possible configurations. Our new product selector helps design engineers find the fastest path to a screw jack that is expertly engineered to meet their needs,” said Mitch Katona, Product Line Specialist – Screw Jacks at Thomson. Intuitive interface Design engineers using the new tool will configure their screw jack via an intuitive online interface that prompts them to enter load, speed, travel, duty cycle and other motion parameters.

Safety & PPE February 15, 2024

Pack 320 PRO X-ray Machine

Eagle Product Inspection's Pack 320 PRO brings the power of x-ray analysis to the Food, Pet Food, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industries. The Pack 320 PRO is ideal for inspecting small to mid-sized packaged products in cartons, pouches, cups and trays where inspection performance is critical. The Pack 320 PRO can simultaneously perform multiple quality control checks in a single pass with precision and accuracy, including contamination detection, mass measurement, package integrity and component counts. Superior x-ray inspection technology provides outstanding detection of physical contaminants regardless of their size, shape, or location within a product. The state-of-the-art x-ray inspection system provides 331 mm (13”) of inspection coverage at the belt and high-speed imaging up to 119 meters per minute (390 FPM). Mass and weight measurement with x-ray technology provides an additional layer of process control and due diligence to ensure a high-quality and prevent product giveaway.

Eagle Product Inspection
Project Management February 15, 2024

Construction planning software platform

Management Analytics significantly expands the analytics capabilities in Touchplan’s popular real-time construction planning software platform, which is used in many data center construction projects. Management Analytics collects a vast volume of detailed planning data from all active projects, creating a single, integrated, real-time knowledge base to provide the analytical information and visualizations all project stakeholders need. The cloud-based software allows all stakeholders to anticipate, view, collaborate, and quickly act upon critical construction schedule, labor, and cost issues for one, some or all projects.

Electrical, Power February 15, 2024

100% solid-state polymer electrolytes for non-flammable batteries

Solid-state polymer electrolytes developed by Nuvvon as a safe alternative to liquid electrolytes in the manufacture of non-flammable batteries are UL certified to DOT standard SP20798. This allows Nuvvon prototype cells to be approved as safe for global air shipment.  To gain certification, Nuvvon solid-state pouch cells passed independent abuse testing by UL that included overcharge and over discharge cycling. Nuvvon solid polymer electrolytes address challenges of liquid electrolytes used in lithium-ion batteries that can explode when overheated or overcharged.

Process Manufacturing February 14, 2024

PISTA VIO Grit Removal Chamber

Smith & Loveless Inc. highlights the PISTA VIO Grit Removal Chamber, featuring a versatile chamber design that brings S&L's industry-leading grit removal performance to tight spaces with unique layout requirements. The innovative design of the PISTA VIO, which stands for Variable Inlet Outlet, provides the ability to arrange the inlet and outlet channels at any angle up to the full 360° of the chamber. The PISTA VIO achieves 95% grit removal efficiency of particles down to 100 microns in size, across all flow conditions.

Smith & Loveless