IO-link control cable and insulation options

July 12, 2023

AutomationDirect has added LUTZE SUPERFLEX control cable that is well suited for short to medium length articulated drag chain (C-tracks) installations requiring moderate to high performance. The High Glide TPE insulation and PVC outer jacket provide resistance to sunlight, oil and moisture penetration. This makes the cable suitable for indoor wet and dry applications or outdoor installations. Cables are available with conductors in 21 AWG to 12 AWG sizes, with up to 34 conductors including ground, and is made in the USA. Order this cable cut to length in 1 foot increments with a 20 foot minimum.

Another addition is the LUTZE tray cable exposed run (TC-ER) rated IO-Link unshielded signal and control cable, which connects IO-Link devices to a master. It can also be used for conventional non-IO-Link applications. This cable is available with conductors in 22 AWG to 16 AWG sizes, with up to 5 color-coded conductors. The oil, sunlight, crush, and impact resistant overall jacket is flame retardant, flexible for easy installations, and is direct burial rated for 18 AWG or larger sizes. Order this cable cut to length in 1 foot increments with a 20 ft. minimum.

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