Mega Power High Current Flat Wire Inductors

March 21, 2022

ITG Electronics Introduces High-Voltage Flat Wire Inductors Series features industry-leading voltage ratings ideal for industrial & automotive applications.  Elmsford, NY – ITG Electronics, a leading manufacturer of inductors and transformers since 1963, has introduced a line of Mega Power High Current Flat Wire Inductors for industrial and rugged environments, including automotive applications. Offering a vastly superior power rating – higher inductance and current – compared with conventional flat wire inductors, the next-generation box-shaped item features denser magnetic materials allowing custom-level power in a standardized product. Among other benefits, the result is reduced weight and saved space. For example, one of the series’ inductors, the ITG L201316Q, offers an inductance range from 1.00H to 105uH, and high-power capabilities of 11.6uH 75 Amp / 105uH 25 Amp. This represents 2-4 times the power capabilities offered by leading competitors. The L201316Q is an alloy powder-based DIP Inductor with lower core loss and no thermal aging concerns. Comprising AEC-Q200 compliant components for automotive applications, the ITG L201316Q utilizes exceptionally high-power density magnetics materials to achieve a the most powerful density inductor available in a standard product offering. Custom designs also are available. The series also is RoHs & HF compliant, and has a consistency-minded operating temperature range of -55°C to 150°C.

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