Machine Vitals sensing technology

Trico March 4, 2024

Trico Corporation, a pioneer in lubrication management, unveiled Machine Vitals, a groundbreaking sensor technology within its Sensei IIoT network, aimed at revolutionizing industrial maintenance. This technology offers superior monitoring and predictive maintenance for oil-lubricated machinery, such as pumps and gearboxes. Jim Jung, Trico’s President, emphasized the innovation’s alignment with the company’s vision to proactively prevent operational issues using data and analytics.

Machine Vitals integrates seamlessly into machinery, employing dual-sensor sets to monitor internal and external conditions, including pressure, temperature, and humidity, alongside vibration and acoustic analyses for early issue detection. This enables timely interventions, reducing downtime and extending machinery lifespan. The system works in conjunction with Trico’s oil analysis, enhancing diagnostic insights, though not mandatory for experiencing its benefits. Jung highlights the solution’s relevance in addressing labor challenges and promoting a sustainable, safe operating environment by minimizing waste. Accessible via the Sensei web and a forthcoming mobile app, Machine Vitals simplifies maintenance activities and data understanding, reflecting Trico’s dedication to advancing industrial maintenance with innovative, data-centric solutions.

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