M12 K- and L-Coded Panel Mount Parts

November 1, 2023

binder USA announced the addition of K- and L-coded panel mount parts that meet the UL 2237 standard for North American power applications. The new parts are available within binder’s 824/823 product series. This includes 5-pin male and female panel mount parts featuring screw locking with a protection level of IP68.


Power supply components used in control cabinets in North America must meet UL 2237 standards, which specify testing guidelines for connectors, cables, cable glands, and fuse elements. This includes the Ground Bond Test, which requires the PE path (protection earth) to withstand a current of 190 A for the wire gauge AWG16, or 300 A in the case of AWG14, for four seconds without interruption. AC applications also require an abnormal-overload test to be carried out at 1.5 times the rated current, during which the PE path fuse must not blow, as well as an additional connection of the PE pin to the component housing.


Applications for binder’s new M12 components include the AC and DC power supply of automation components used in electrical and plant engineering, as well as industrial controls.


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