Dynamic Electromagnetic Flowmeters

February 21, 2024

KROHNE Highlights Dynamic Electromagnetic Flowmeters 


Beverly, MA:  KROHNE, Inc. highlights its family of leading electromagnetic flowmeters, which achieve highly accurate flow measurement for all applications with conductive liquids. Whether it be basic custody transfer or demanding safety-related applications, these products always perform with pristine accuracy. What’s more, KROHNE’s flowmeters do not only measure potable water, but they can also tackle extremely adhesive, abrasive, and aggressive liquids with custom designs and liner materials for virtually any application.


Companies looking to tackle the unique challenges of partially filled and gravity feed pipes will benefit greatly from the TIDALFLUX 2300, an electromagnetic flowmeter with a patented, capacitive level measurement. This meter provides an ideal solution for flow measurement of municipal and industrial wastewater in pressureless transport lines. The product is also designed to measure effluent brine and slurries in gravity pipelines and sewers, as well as dredging, mining, or sea and well water injection applications. The TIDALFLUX 2300 sits inline as a closed measuring solution without obstructions, allowing it to achieve much better accuracy at lower total costs of ownership than channel systems such as Venntury and V-notches.


All KROHNE electromagnetic flowmeter products also offer on-site verification with the OPTICHECK service tool. For more information, visit https://krohne.com/en/products/fl

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