Huatao Roll Stand

July 4, 2022

Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand/Corrugated Cardboard Mill Roll Stand/Paperboard Mill Roll Stand: Symmetrical structure, can carry two craft paper at one time, which can work without brake. Reel paper lift-lower, clamp, loosen, movement, contraposition operated by hydraulic pressure, feeding craft/reel paper quickly. Function Of Mill Roll Stand: *Each arm setup four directions button, it is easy to operate*It can be loading two paper rolls at the same time, without stopping the machine for changing paper roll*The whole machine uses 6 cylinders fully hydraulic controlled, hydraulic control arm lift and down, clamping and open, left and right moving*Tension control: multipoint pneumatic brakes, brakes good performance, loses heat fast*The chuck adopts inner expansion type or teeth type, reduce the destruction of the paper core. saving paper.

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