Auto Splicer For Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

June 23, 2022

The Auto Splicer functions as a central element for smooth, continuous operation, fast and helps to increase production output and saving production cost during the corrugated cardboard production process. No paper tail connecting, reduce the loss of the base paper(the overlap of the base paper about 40mm width).2. When the paper truck remove, automatically transferred out, vacuum-adsorbed, easy to operate, and fully automatic tension control, paper-connecting zero error.3. All adopt PLC automatic control.4. When the buffer wheel pull for the first time, it’s easy to pull and aligned automatically.5. Collecting paper controlled by cylinder, will not cause the broken tile and blistering problem. Design speed:Model 300-280 m/min (Flute liner), 250m/min(Top liner), Model 400-380 m/min(Flute liner), 250m/min(Top liner). Paper Connection: Overlap connecting. Design width: The maximum paper width can reach 2550mm. Weight of the original paper:50g/m2~350g/m2Paper reaction completion time:about 1 secondGas source:a minimum of 0.6MPa dry clean air source. Power demand: power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 20A control power: 12V, 24V. Paper frame brake: Pneumatic brake/magnetic powder brake

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