Drive Isolation Transformers

May 18, 2022

HPS Drive Isolation Transformers from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added drive isolation transformers from Hammond Power Solutions to their growing lineup of transformers. Their rugged design allows them to withstand the mechanical stresses, voltage distortions, and heating associated with motor drives.  In addition to all the benefits of a line reactor, they also provide isolation, common-mode noise and transient suppression, and prevent drive-induced ground currents from being passed upstream.  Available in a range of sizes for 5 to 200 HP drives, they come with a 460V delta primary, a 460Y secondary, and include multiple taps for additional voltages.  The transformers are UL Listed, CSA certified, CE marked, RoHS compliant, and come with a 10-year warranty. HPS drive isolation transformers start at $1087.00.  Learn more by visiting:

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