Double Facer Belt

July 4, 2022

Corrugator belts Inwoven Aramid Edge is a consistent development based on the proven woven high speed corrugator belt range. Also is ideal for corrugating systems with high production speed, even load systems and frequently changing paper widths.Corrugator belts Inwoven Aramid Edge -FeaturesSuitable as top belt with high speed (above 150 m/min) productionHeat and super tear resistance. Inwoven Aramid edge to reinforce the belts, reduce wear substantially and ensure a long lifetime.Particularly for frequent changes of board width. Mostly used for all Corrugating Production Lines. Corrugator belts Inwoven Aramid Edge- SpecificationProductCorrugator Belt Inwoven Aramid EdgeThickness8mm-10mmWidth range1000mm – 3200mmLength80 metersHeat-resistance240 ℃ (the kevlar edge upto 350℃)Tensile strength70MpaCoefficient of friction≥ 0.40µWeight per unit(7.5±0.3)kg/㎡Air-permeability 40mm water Column2.0m³/㎡ minSeamHot JAW lacing/Clipper with rubber coatedEdge100mm or 200mm inwoven aramid edge reinforcement (kevlar)Suitable position. Top belt. Lifetime 50-70 million m. Used on all corrugators high tearing resistance. Long lifetime running High abrasion resistance.

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