Digital process twins for proactive maintenance and improved plant performance

November 16, 2023

The TrendMiner 2023.R3 release delivers actionable insights for enhancing event-based condition monitoring.

  • Conditional formatting in Gantt chart or grid display: The latest version allows users to apply conditional formatting to context-based views in either a Gantt chart or grid display mode. Different colors can be set to represent the status of an event, which gives operational experts greater awareness and the ability to create proactive, actionable monitors. This feature expands batch analytics and condition-monitoring capabilities. It also introduces reporting and monitoring quality limits.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities: The user-defined conditions are carried over to reports to aid those who use TrendMiner for a summarized view of operations or as a control room dashboard.
  • New homepage design: The updated homepage enhances user experience by providing quick access to recent items, favorites, and various forms of support. It also includes an option for administrators to promote messages to all TrendMiner users.

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