Corrugating Roll for Single Facer

July 4, 2022

Corrugating Rolls of Single Facer Machine are highly efficient as they symbolize the most advanced technological development of the Automatic Corrugation Machine Lines. The combination of High Precision Grinding and Cobalt Tungsten Coating enhances the life of the rollers and is economically viable on the production frontier.Peripheral Heating Corrugated Roll is made of high-quality alloy steel& it is a new technology comes recently. It’s made by high precision CNC corrugated roll griding machine from the USA. The quality is very good. It is treated by special corrugated roll surface-treated technology. The hardness is very high. High-speed corrugated roll with a big diameter. The maximum working speed is 300 m/min. Gear type: UV, V. Flute type: A, B, C, BC, D, E, F optional. Fingerless suction and inner suction are optional. We are engaged in the design, repair, and manufacture of all kinds of corrugating rolls.

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