Combo head screwdriver for electrical applications

September 21, 2023

Cementex, the safety tool specialist and double-insulated tool supplier, highlights its combo head screwdriver. This specialty tool is designed for maximum contact with the combination head screws predominantly found on electrical devices such as terminals, plugs and sockets, making it an essential tool for electricians and electrical technicians working with these devices and fittings.

Cementex’s Cushion Grip handle is designed for maximum comfort during long days in the field. Its cushioned handle provides strong grip and maximum torque power. The combo head screwdriver is made with a Cementex Composite self-insulating shaft, eliminating 95% of conductive material from the tool and thereby maximizing safety.

Cementex prides itself on continuous innovation in developing technologies that maximize durability, usability, and safety. Cementex is setting the standard for unparalleled safety with products designed specifically for trained professionals working around energized equipment. Plus, these innovations result in products that are lighter and more efficient for people working in the field.

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