Bluebacker corrugated board belt

February 23, 2023

Nextwire Introduces New Bluebacker Belt for Corrugated Industry


Star City, AR – Nextwire, LLC, partnered with GKD, is now offering its industrial customers another innovative solution for optimizing production processes – the GKD Bluebacker corrugated board belt. This innovative new belt for the double facer is equipped with proven Conducto® technology which ensures constant electrostatic dissipation and prevents the corrugated board from adhering to the belt.


The Bluebacker is the two-in-one solution for corrugated board production and consists of a robust and open mesh design with 135 CFM. Manufacturers can potentially see energy savings of up to 40%, depending on the specific conditions. Production speed can be increased by 50% with drive energy reduced by 15%.


As one of the most efficient belts for corrugated production, the Bluebacker mesh consists of a unique multilayer combination. The base mesh is made of monofilaments that absorb forces and loads during the production process, preventing the risk of elongation of the belt throughout its entire service life. This guarantees a high degree of cross stability and requires less assembly work. Combined with the thermosetting of the belt, the special mesh design results in consistent dimensional stability.

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