Blast Cabinet with Handling Bars

February 9, 2022

Over two years in development, Titan’s patent-pending, heavy-duty blast cabinet delivers high performance, reduced operating costs and improved productivity — all in a user-friendly design.   Every Titan blast cabinet – made of rugged 12-gauge all-welded steel frame that won’t bend, fold, or twist – comes standard with two rigid, steel channel, double-panel doors with knife edge. Lift-off hinges allow for fast on-off door removal, eliminating the troublesome welded hinges of the past. Full-opening doors maximize work chamber capacity and ease loading of larger parts. Plus, self-adjusting dual door latches lock at two points, creating a perfect, dust-free seal every time. With the addition of the company’s exclusive new lifting bars, the chances of forklift damage to the cabinet is virtually eliminated. The bars are simply slid into the structural steel frame before lifting the cabinet, giving the forklift a secure hold and keeping the tines away from the vulnerable cone.  Other exclusive Titan blast cabinet features include: an LED window frame light to aid visibility while blasting; bolt-in floor supports, making it simple to replace worn supports and the metal floor; and 100% electrical controls to deliver the fastest response time. A customizable control panel, easy-change gloves, and moveable foot pedal increase the cabinet’s ease of use and smooth operation.

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