Black Anodized T-slotted Rails

June 14, 2023

Black Anodized T-slotted Rails from AutomationDirect


AutomationDirect has added the 10 (1 inch), 15 (1.5 inches), and 40 (40mm) series of SureFrame rails, in standard and light weights. These new rails are offered with a UV-resistant black anodized finish, which provides a new aesthetic option in addition to the standard clear anodized finish that is available for all series and weights of SureFrame T-slotted rails.


SureFrame rails are used to build sturdy, custom-made structural frames and are warranted from manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase.


The new black anodized SureFrame rails can be ordered in cut-to-length sections starting at $0.37/inch.



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