Auto-Chlor A4 WaterSaver Single Rack

June 21, 2023

The A4 WaterSaver™ is a single rack in-line low-temperature dishwashing machine, equipped with an environmentally safe sanitizing solution that offers the lowest water and chemical use per cycle. The low temperature method fully meets all regulatory criteria at only 120°F, while reducing the energy required to heat the water used during the cleaning and sanitizing process.

Combined with Auto-Chlor’s System’s WaterSaver™ design, the A4 dishwasher provides an energy efficient and water conserving solution. Also offered is the A5 model, which contains all the features of the A4, with a compact corner design that optimizes space without compromising efficiency. The standard A4 and A5 dishmachines have a 17” wash cavity height, but are also available in tall configurations that feather a 27” height in the wash cavity. Both models are ENERGY STAR® Certified.

The A4 and A5 dishwashing machines offer the lowest water usage in the industry, as low as 1.04 gallons per rack. With a powerful high efficiency 1-horsepower motor, the machines feature a fully enclosed pump impeller that provides industry leading water pressure at the nozzles, resulting in superior one pass results. The patented integrated automatic dispensing system ensures the right amount of chemical dose is used in each wash.

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