Coil anodized aluminum for consumer and commercial appliances

July 14, 2023

Coil anodized aluminum from Lorin is ideal for consumer and commercial appliance products. Lorin’s coil anodized aluminum offers significant benefits of increased strength and durability at a lower weight and cost than competing materials. The cost-effective coil anodizing process, pioneered by Lorin, protects the aluminum while also improving its aesthetic properties and durability.

Many uncoated natural metal surfaces used in appliances require continuous cleaning due to the natural oxidation that occurs. Anodized aluminum does not require this because the anodized oxide barrier layer prevents further oxidation of the aluminum surface. Additionally, because the oxide layer is dielectric, it prevents any electrical charges from occurring on the surface, so it will not attract dust and dirt particles to its surface like you will get with static electricity created by stainless steel, copper, and brass. And, with anodized aluminum you will not get shocked. Compared with coated or painted metals which are often used on appliances, anodized aluminum provides a true metallic feel and at the same time does not chip, flake, or peel.

Anodized aluminum weighs significantly less than stainless steel or other metals, making it easier to handle and providing excellent cost savings. Additionally, anodized aluminum comes in an infinite range of colors and finishes without the expensive coatings necessary for stainless steel.

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