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Courtesy: Yaskawa
Motors & Drives June 16, 2022

Questions answered to demystify servo sizing

Extra questions about servomotor sizing are answered here, from a May 17 webcast, archived for a year. More help includes related services and software, more servomotor sizing errors and information needed for servomotor sizing.

By Sixto Moralez
Motors & Drives April 22, 2022

Heat engine with no moving parts designed

MIT researchers have design a heat engine with no moving parts, which could help enable a fully decarbonized power grid in the future.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: EASA, CFE Media and Technology
Motors & Drives April 15, 2022

Evaluate noise in electric motors

Determining the source can be more difficult than correcting it.

By Thomas H. Bishop, P.E.
Courtesy: Advanced Energy Corp.
Motors & Drives March 22, 2022

Your questions answered: Motor management and troubleshooting techniques for ac induction motors

Best practices and tips for motor management included advice on variable frequency drives (VFDs), motor efficiency, motor standards and more.

By Michael Lyda, Ronnie Alford
Courtesy: L&T Technology Services
Motors & Drives March 3, 2022

Picking the right motor condition monitoring system

A motor condition monitoring system is integral to sustainably maintain energy savings and extending motor life expectancy. A 100-hp motor/load consumes 795,118 kWh of energy in a year at 85% efficiency. At 95%, the same motor uses only 691,579 kWh. That’s $48,411 in annual savings at $0.07 per kWh.

By Narayanan R.
Courtesy: Yaskawa
Motors & Drives March 2, 2022

Intro to setting up, tuning a PM motor with a VFD

A permanent magnet (PM) motor requires a variable frequency drive (VFD) to operate effectively. See motor comparison table, induction motor vs. PM torque curve, and VFD programming and tuning advice.

By Robert Bonczar
Courtesy: Rockwell Automation, New Products for Engineers Database
Motors & Drives February 21, 2022

How drives can help with predictive maintenance

Modern low-voltage drives are able to offer predictive diagnostic capabilities for manufacturers and reduce downtime.

By Jonathan Smith
Courtesy: Yaskawa America Inc.
Motors & Drives February 1, 2022

VFDs from the inside out

Variable frequency drive (VFD) vocabulary words: These 50 terms can help properly apply VFDs.

By Paul Avery
Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Motors & Drives January 6, 2022

Growth expected for motor, industrial gear markets

Pent-up demand due to challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic are expected to result in strong growth for the motor and industrial gear markets in the next few years.

By Shirly Zhu
Courtesy: AEMT
Motors & Drives December 22, 2021

Decoding your motor’s nameplate

The most relevant information of a motor should be recorded on the nameplate, which includes frame size, voltage, power and more.

By Karl Metcalfe