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Hydraulics March 27, 2024

How to use relief valves to ensure chemical plant safety

Proper design and installation of relief valves can keep industrial fluid systems operating efficiently and effectively for years to come.

By Shaji Arumpanayil
Hydraulics March 27, 2024

Check out these valuable valve selection tips

Learn the STAMPED method, which provides valve selection guidance

By Shaji Arumpanayil
Hydraulics March 15, 2024

Digital valve controller offers detailed asset health insights

Controller uses edge computing capabilities to analyze data in real time, providing diagnostic valve health indications and recommended corrective actions.

By Josh Grosvenor and Preston Schaaf
Hydraulics May 10, 2023

Maintenance troubleshooting best practices for fluid power

Fluid power is used to describe pneumatic and hydraulic systems and there are many maintenance considerations to keep them running optimally.

By Frank Lamb
Hydraulics August 23, 2022

Electrification sparks mobile hydraulics growth

Vehicle electrification will offer mobile hydraulic suppliers an opportunity to innovate as vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) look to electrify their fleets.

By Brianna Jackson
Hydraulics July 13, 2022

Electromechanical actuators will replace hydraulic cylinders faster than expected

Hydraulic cylinders may be replaced by electromechanical actuators within vehicles in the material handling sector more quickly than previously thought.

By Brianna Jackson
Hydraulics June 9, 2022

Mobile hydraulics market grows in 2021

Mobile hydraulics grew from 2019 to 2021 thanks to a boom in material handling and increased demand for construction equipment.

By Interact Analysis
Hydraulics October 8, 2021

Hydraulics research increases tractor efficiency

Purdue University researchers have undertaken a $3.2 million Department of Energy project to optimize the hydraulic systems that connect tractors and implements. See video.

By Jared Pike
Hydraulics August 10, 2020

How to isolate systems with block valves

Isolating industrial fluid systems is important; selecting the right valve configuration is critical to safe maintenance

By Joe Bush
Hydraulics November 28, 2019

Pumps that thrive under pressure

The evolution of hydraulic transmission technology in the pressure pumping market.

By Dean Bratel
Hydraulics August 22, 2019

Regular hydraulic grab maintenance improves performance and reliability

Hydraulically-powered grabs are designed for tough working environments and regular maintenance and repair is essential to keep the business running smoothly.

By Mike Baker
Hydraulics January 17, 2019

Application and environment’s impact on choosing the correct hose

An application's environment and conditions can have a major impact on choosing the correct type of hose.

By Kevin Olmstead
Hydraulics November 1, 2018

Reasons to use certified hydraulic hose distributors

Specifications for hydraulic hoses are critical; the replacement hose needs to have a working pressure rated at the normal operating pressures set at the factory to help ensure worker safety. Best practices and four tips on how to make a hydraulic hose are highlighted.

By Brian Crisp, Cross Co.
Hydraulics June 10, 2016

Why do hydraulic systems get hot?

Applying reliability principles to system design may offer an answer.

By Paul Craven
Hydraulics May 6, 2016

Manage leakage in hydraulic-valve design

Understand risk tolerances in designing the most efficient hydraulic system.

By Mickey Heestand
Hydraulics October 1, 2015

Series of sanitary heat exchangers

The APV series of sanitary heat exchangers are designed to reduce maintenance, improve food safety, and increase process efficiency.

Hydraulics August 29, 2015

Hydraulic hose for demanding applications

E-Z Bend hydraulic hose is ideal for high-pressure hydraulic oil lines in mobile hydraulic applications.

By Kurt Hydraulics
Hydraulics May 5, 2015

Pneumatic systems: 10 ways to save energy

Manage pressure, find the leaks and build a strong system of equipment and people.

By Mike Guelker, Festo
Hydraulics December 29, 2014

Molecular hydraulic oil water absorber

The absorber stops hydrogen embrittlement and oil viscosity variance issues.

Hydraulics October 23, 2014

Stainless steel branch connection

The stainless steel mechanical-T bolted branch outlet simplifies installation of branch piping connections.

By Victaulic
Hydraulics October 17, 2014

Hydraulic hoses and fittings

High-performance hydraulic hose solution reduces engineering and service complexity.

By Parker Hannifin
Hydraulics July 28, 2014

Pinch valve

Versagrip Solenoid Pinch Valves are designed to provide greater flexibility for an array of fluidic control system applications.

Hydraulics July 8, 2014

Compressed air demand: find and fix leaks first

Don't forget the demand side of your audit when assessing your compressed air system

By Michael Camber, Kaeser Compressors
Hydraulics May 15, 2014

FS-Elliott debuts centrifugal compressor controller

PRODUCT EXCLUSIVE: R1000 automatically adjusts the compressor setpoint based on changes in ambient conditions. As a result, the traditionally static surge control line becomes a dynamic entity.

Hydraulics September 19, 2013

Pneumatic cylinders

The DSBC family of ISO 15552 standard pneumatic cylinders feature PPS self-adjusting cushioning capability and requires no manual intervention

Hydraulics January 25, 2013

Deutsche Messe to add power transmission show at IMTS in 2014

MDA North America to build on success of IANA debut in 2012

Hydraulics August 15, 2011

On the floor: Putting focus on continuous improvement

A series of incremental improvements is the secret to a plant’s success.

By Bob Vavra, Content Manager
Hydraulics June 21, 2011

Calculating the true savings when reducing air system pressure

Over time many of the corrective actions put forward to reduce compressed air energy consumption have been simplified with the intention of encouraging action.

By Mark Krisa, Ingersoll Rand
Hydraulics April 11, 2011

Measure your maintenance

Audits offer a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses

By Paul Michalicka, SKF USA Inc
Hydraulics January 10, 2011

PAG technology a new staple for food-grade lubricants

There have been significant advances in H-1 lubricant research and development over the years which have produced top performing products. The search for an even better performance by lubricant manufacturers continues, specifically in the food safety field and effects on the environment.

By Sibtain Hamid, Lubriplate Lubricants Company
Hydraulics January 6, 2011

UV Leak Detection Lamp offers spot-beam, broad-beam coverage

Spectronics Corporation offers BIB-150P UV Inspection Lamp, detects industrial leak;, concentrated spot bulb, broad-beam bulb provide versatility

Hydraulics December 30, 2010

Forklift alternative changes how loads are handled

A and H Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. offer the Shop Lift a unique, ergonomic solution to the problem of heavy materials handling in a confined space; built to fit in tight spots, able to carry a 600 lb. payload and delivering loads safely.

Hydraulics September 17, 2010

IMTS 2010: Exxon Mobil marks 50 years as supplier to IMTS exhibitors

ExxonMobil is celebrating its 50-year anniversary as the official lubricant supplier for exhibitors at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago (September 13-18). This half-century partnership demonstrates ExxonMobil’s longstanding commitment to engineering products that help companies in the machine shop industry optimize equipment performance. Since 1960, Mobil-branded hydraulic fluids, spindle oils, gear lubricants, circulation oils, cutting fluids, compressor oils, coolants and greases are provided to exhibitors during North America’s leading manufacturing technology show, which is held every even-numbered year in Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Hydraulics July 14, 2010

Portable dock lift

The Hulk Kombo Dock  is designed for facilities with limited loading dock space, offering them the flexibility of a scissors lift and the efficiency of a hydraulic dock leveler. With a vertical range of up to 60 inches, the Kombo Dock is able to load and unload nearly any type of vehicle that pulls into the loading dock area. Design highlights include a hydraulic dock leveler with regenerative hydraulics, independent powered lip control, and push-button controls.

Hydraulics June 1, 2009

Wind turbine hydraulics

A four and a half-day training course titled “Wind Turbine Fundamental Hydraulics” is intended for sales and maintenance personnel requiring a solid understanding of hydraulics systems used in wind turbine operation. The course will focus on component construction and operation with a goal of understanding the interaction of individual components in an integrated wind turbine hydrau...

By Plant Engineering Staff
Hydraulics June 1, 2009

Hydraulic floor cranes

The portable floor cranes can lift and transport up to 6,000 pounds without effort using electrically-actuated hydraulics. They are particularly valuable in replacing manual lifting equipment, as they provide an ergonomic, strain-free solution to moving heavy loads. Ruger Industries, www.rugerindustries.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Hydraulics February 1, 2009

Equipment uptime, longevity requires holistic fluid management

The best managers prepare their organizations for long-term sustainability and profitability. In the world of manufacturing, that means having a plant maintenance strategy that maximizes equipment uptime and service life. One key to maximizing uptime and service life is developing a holistic approach to fluid management.

By Doug Cameron, Kaman Industrial Technologies
Hydraulics November 1, 2008

Maintenance Tools & Equipment

Drum lid The hinged and lockable PIG latching drum lid is designed to facilitate access to and security of 5-, 8-, 10- and 16-gallon open-head steel drums. Suitable for applications where the drum is frequently opened and closed, it features a nitrile gasket and locking mechanism to seal the lid. The handle provides one-hand operation, and a lid-stop hinge keeps the lid upright when open.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Hydraulics September 8, 2008

Plant Engineering, Hannover Messe to launch new global e-magazine

Global Plant Engineering to reach international trade show attendees.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Hydraulics April 25, 2008

Position sensor

The Temposonics MT magnetostrictive position sensor is designed to be embedded in welded or tie-rod cylinders.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Hydraulics February 15, 2008

A ‘toolbox of technologies’ for sustainability

The targets of opportunity for sustainability improvements can be found in virtually every piece of equipment and among all applications and processes. All the while, the enabling technology “toolbox” for sustainability is rapidly filling up with solutions. Specific and highly practical benefits from proactive sustainability programs can accrue in reduced operating costs; increased ...

By Bart G. Bartholomew, SKF USA Inc.
Hydraulics January 15, 2008

Bosch Rexroth helps opens new lab at Texas A&M

Bosch Rexroth was part of a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the opening of Bosch Rexroth-R.C. Womack Fluid Power Laboratory at Texas A&M University in College Station. The lab, created in conjunction with Womack Machine Supply, is a newly renovated, state-of-the-art facility which will showcase eight new fluid power trainers including pneumatic and industrial hydraulic systems from Bosch Rexroth.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Hydraulics May 15, 2007

Bosch Rexroth launches automotive Website

A new Bosch Rexroth Website helps automotive companies and their suppliers improve productivity, reliability and efficiency in all areas of manufacturing. The site is The site features information on product lines including electric drives and controls, hydraulics, pneumatics, linear motion, assembly technology and structural framing.

By Staff
Hydraulics January 1, 2007

Bosch Rexroth names Bracht president, CEO

Berend Bracht, former CEO of Bosch Rexroth China and former head of the company’s U.S. industrial hydraulics operation, began his new duties as president and CEO of Bosch Rexroth’s U.S. operations on Jan. 1. “We are pleased that we have an executive of Berend’s stature to take this important position and continue the forward momentum we have developed in the United Stat...

By Staff
Hydraulics December 22, 2006

Bosch Rexroth names Bracht president and CEO

Bosch Rexroth Corporation recently announced that Berend Bracht, former CEO of Bosch Rexroth China and former head of the company’s U.S. industrial hydraulics operation, will take over as president and CEO January 1, 2007. “We are pleased that we have an executive of Berend’s stature to take this important position and continue the forward momentum we have developed in the United States,” said Manfred Grundke, chairman of the executive board for parent company Bosch Rexroth AG. Grundke pointed out that Bracht will continue Bosch Rexroth’s close relationships with distributors while developing new initiatives to enhance and promote the company’s technology leadership. Bracht said he is looking forward to working within the U.S. market again. “Bosch Rexroth has a strong management team and many wonderful employees,” he said.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Hydraulics December 19, 2006

Blog! Five Fast Things for December 19, 2006

1. Big Bang Theory for jobs: If you remember the TV series Northern Exposure, a Manhattan doctor had his education paid for on the condition that he spent five years in residency in Alaska. Wisconsin, which is not nearly as desolate as Alaska, is proposing a similar plan that’s not part of a sitcom.

By Bob Vavra, Editor, Plant Engineering
Hydraulics December 1, 2006

Pressure sensors – 2006-12-01

Available in pressure ratings up to 60,000 PSIG (4,000 Bar), the AST47HP Series of pressure sensors addresses the growing need for pressure sensors with higher pressure ratings. The pressure sensors are suitable for operation in diesel fuel rails, high-pressure wells, hydraulics, injection-molding equipment, water jets, down-hole instrumentation and more.

By Staff
Hydraulics December 1, 2006

Best Practices in Manufacturing

There's an old expression that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That's not always true in manufacturing. Each step in the manufacturing process is designed to output exactly what is needed to complete the finished product. It doesn't matter whether it's discrete, batch or process. The end result is supposed to be the sum of each of dozens of steps in the process.

By Staff
Hydraulics November 3, 2006

Pressure sensors – 2006-11-03

Available in pressure ratings up to 60,000 PSIG (4,000 Bar), the AST47HP Series of pressure sensors addresses the growing need for pressure sensors with higher pressure ratings. The pressure sensors are suitable for operation in diesel fuel rails, high-pressure wells, hydraulics, injection-molding equipment, water jets, down-hole instrumentation and more. They incorporate a one-piece, stainless-steel sensing element that is free of silicone oil, welds or O-rings, eliminating contamination.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Hydraulics November 1, 2006

Hydraulic grease pump

The 8600 Series hydraulic pump offers a range of grease output in a robust design. Featuring a compact footprint, the pump is suitable for automatic lubrication systems installed on mobile equipment, fitting in tight spaces. Self-venting, the pump also features pressure and flow regulators and a 24-Vdc control solenoid.

By Staff
Hydraulics June 1, 2006

Bosch Rexroth sees growth across the board in 2005

Bosch Rexroth AG, parent company of Hoffman Estates, IL-based Bosch Rexroth increased sales in 2005 by 12.6% to approximately $5.7 billion. The company achieved this growth in all technology fields and in all regions By creating new jobs and promoting the training of technical specialists and managers worldwide, the drive and control specialist saw sales growth for the third straight period.

By Staff
Hydraulics March 1, 2006

Synthetic lubrication study is just a click away

Every three years, PLANT ENGINEERING publishes a comprehensive study of synthetic lubrication used in every kind of plant environment. The 2003 study is still receiving clicks at as plant engineers and plant managers look for suppliers who offer synthetic lubrications. As senior editor Joe Foszcz noted in 2003: "Synthetics are the logical lubricant choice in a number of...

By Staff
Hydraulics August 1, 2005

Lubricant storage strategy takes ‘out-of-drum’ thinking

Lubricating fluids are used throughout the manufacturing plant. Such fluids include gear lubricants, greases, cutting oils, bearing oils, hydraulic fluids, engine oils and others. The supplier's role in to determine the quality of the lubricants being used, so making sure a supplier follows a strict quality control program is important.

By Larry King, The IFH Group, Rock Falls, IL
Hydraulics June 1, 2005

Fluid handling – 2005-06-01

Preventing pump failure Better than learning how to replace or repair a pump, wouldn't it be more efficient and cost saving to know how to prevent a pump from failing in the first place? This seminar teaches students how to identify the real problems causing pump failure and how to avoid repeating those problems in the future. It is designed to have immediate impact so you can start saving maintenance dollars and costly repairs and downtime today. Call 877-978-7246 for more information on the Pumps & Pump Systems seminar. American Trainco, Inc , , Write 306 on PE card Replacement pump parts A four-color, fully illustrated, 8-page brochure describes why selecting OEM replacement parts remains the most economical pump repair choice.

By Staff
Hydraulics May 1, 2005

ASME book covers hydraulic fluid issues

Hydraulic Fluids, A Guide to Selection, Test Methods, and Use is a concise reference to most of the fluids used in plant hydraulic and lubricating systems. A better understanding and proper care of hydraulic fluids is very important for performance as well as for economic considerations. This book covers a broad spectrum of hydraulic fluids.

By Staff
Hydraulics April 1, 2005

Solutions – 2005-04-01

Grease tight places Problem : Injecting grease into fittings buried within machines and equipment can be difficult. Many times these fittings don't get greased. Is there an easy way to get at these fittings? Solution : Remove the outlet pipe from a grease gun and replace it with tubing of the same size and needed length to reach the fitting.

By Staff
Hydraulics January 10, 2005

Instruments and controls – 2005-01-10

Self-configuring level meter OPTIFLEX 1300 C TDR level meter measures distance, level, and volume of liquids, pastes, and solids. It is available with five different probes — single rod, double rod, single cable, double cable, and coaxial. Meter's maximum measuring range is from 13-115 ft, depending on the probe type.

By Staff
Hydraulics September 10, 2003

Fluid Handling – 2003-09-10

Maintain instruments and valves An integrated network, Instrument & Valve Services, delivers predictive diagnostics and servicing of all makes of instruments and valves. It provides customers with a single contact for assistance across North America, offering complete resolution of maintenance problems at a local level from over 50 locations with more than 650 engineers and technicians. Emerson Process Management , , Write 309 on PE card Pump training "Centrifugal Pumps: Fundamentals, Design, and Applications" is a comprehensive e-learning program available from the Hydraulic Institute. This computer-based training course, in web-based or CD-ROM format, addresses centrifugal and vertical pump technology.

By Staff
Hydraulics June 12, 2003

Clutches and brakes

Clutches and brakes couple, decouple, accelerate, and decelerate rotating machine components and maintain them at proper speed. The functions of each are so similar that their rolls are often interchangeable. Whether the clutch/brakes are mechanically, electrically, or fluid power actuated, they are considered mechanical devices because they transmit mechanical power.

By Joseph L. Foszcz, Senior Editor, PLANT ENGINEERING Magazine
Hydraulics May 1, 2003

Exclusive Guide to Interchangeable Lubricants 2001

 General purpose, antiwear hydraulic, spindle, way, extreme pressure gear, and worm gear oils and extreme pressure greases from 106 companies are categorized for easy cross referencing.

By Cheryl Firestone, Senior Editor, PLANT ENGINEERING Magazine
Hydraulics March 15, 2003

Learning from bearing failure

When a bearing in a critical piece of equipment fails prematurely, a maintenance specialist knows the failure usually indicates there is more here than meets the eye. What the untutored eye sees is a failed bearing and little more. However, a premature bearing failure is symptomatic of other problems that, if left untreated, will cause the same kind of failure to occur again.

By Joe Conyers, Bearing Maintenance & Reliability Instructor, SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute, A Division of SKF Reliability Systems, Hanover, PA
Hydraulics February 15, 2003

Fluid Handling – 2003-02-15

Selecting pumps is an information-filled web site for water, wastewater, and industrial pump users. It enables navigating through markets and pump styles to select the specific model to meet specifications. Complete parts information, including a specially priced, excess inventory listing can also be accessed.

By Staff
Hydraulics February 15, 2003

Reader response

Band control The solution submitted in the December issue titled "Band Control" is a good idea. US Patent # 4,746,011 was issued to me on May 24, 1988, for this safety problem solution. I'd like to point out that the idea that was submitted had been tried during development, but we found the results were still too chancy and it was difficult to use.

By Staff
Hydraulics June 15, 2002

Predictive Maintenance Technologies

The start of predictive maintenance (PdM) may have been when a mechanic first put his ear to the handle of a screwdriver, touched the other end to a machine, and pronounced that it sounded like a bearing was going bad. We've come a long way since then with a variety of technologies for analyzing what's going on inside equipment, but the need for a knowledgeable, experienced person to use the ...

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor, Plant Engineering magazine
Hydraulics April 15, 2002

Safe welding practices

Arc welding is safe when sufficient measures are taken to protect the welder from potential hazards. When these measures are overlooked or ignored, welders can encounter such dangers as: electric shock, overexposure to radiation, fumes and gases, fire, or explosion, any of which can result in fatal injuries.

By Ken Brown, Project Research Manager, Evaluation Department of The Lincoln Electric Co., Cleveland, OH
Hydraulics September 1, 2001

Literature Offers – 2001-09-01

Workstations Operator Adjustable workstations and accessories are the focus of All Metal Designs' new catalog, which also features Retro-Lift Kits that convert any machine or fixture into an ergonomic unit. All Metal Designs, Inc. Circle 316 Insulation issues Insulating in a chilled water environment is the subject matter of a new brochure by Pittsburgh Corning Corporation. "Chilled Water Issues and Challenges" includes information on moisture intrusion, design versus real world performance, and vapor barriers. Pittsburgh Corning Corporation Circle 317 Repair Service Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.

By Staff
Hydraulics August 1, 2001

Consider evaporative roof cooling to reduce your HVAC load

With the demand for energy continuing to grow and energy resources having problems keeping up, the country must turn to alternative methods of energy and conservation. Kyle Flora of The CoolRoof Co. explains how evaporative roof cooling provides a long-term solution that is effective, economical and environmentally friendly.

By Kyle Flora
Hydraulics July 6, 2001

How hydraulic machines work

In any plant, you see hydraulically operated machinery such as actuators, punch presses or forklifts. In this edition of "How Stuff Works," Marshall Brain explains how.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Hydraulics August 1, 2000

Maintenance Tips & Tricks – 2000 – #3

Getting to the bottomProblem: Using a standard barrel pump to transfer oil into a 55-gal. drum from a 330-gal. tote typically comes up short.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Hydraulics April 1, 2000

April foolishness

April seems like an appropriate month for a little foolishness, so here it goes. From the U.S.

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor
Hydraulics March 1, 2000

Purifier protects phosphate ester in oils

Ion Exchange Purifier conditions phosphate ester in hydraulic and lubrication systems by removing degrading water and gases. It removes 100% of free water and as much as 80% of dissolved water.

By Staff
Hydraulics March 1, 2000

Fluid power valve basics

Valves are mechanical devices consisting of a body internally machined with cylindrical chambers and passageways. The chambers may contain pistons, spools, poppets, balls, and springs.

By Joseph L. Foszcz, PE/CPE
Hydraulics March 1, 2000

Pouring small amounts

Problem: Transporting and pouring small quantities (1 qt or so) of fluids for jobs such as topping off hydraulic tanks on portable equipment or servicing small engines are a frequent maintenance task.

By Staff
Hydraulics January 1, 2000

Heavy-duty pump lubrication

Pretested and prequalified API 610 and 614 lubrication systems provide customized reliability for heavy-duty centrifugal pump and compressor applications.

By Staff
Hydraulics November 1, 1999

Air breathers extend component life

Air Sentry contamination control breathers prevent dirt and water vapor from entering the gearbox or hydraulic system, which increases the life of power transmission components and reduces maintenance costs.

By Staff
Hydraulics October 1, 1999

Selection factors for clutches & brakes

Clutches and brakes are effective devices for the control and transmission of torque and speed in many rotating drive systems. Their function is to transfer torque from an input shaft to an output shaft by clutching, or to stop and hold a load by braking.

By Joseph L. Foszcz
Hydraulics October 1, 1999

Mechanical leveler goes hydraulic

Hydraulic Dock Leveler Conversion Kits turn mechanical equipment into a hydraulic unit.

By Staff
Hydraulics July 1, 1999

Interactive training: Is it in your future?

Training is moving up on almost everyone's priority list. The rapid changes in technologies used in plants, plus a tight labor market, are major reasons, but it goes deeper than that.

By Gary Weidner
Hydraulics May 1, 1999

Repair kit handles most hydraulics challenges

MK106 Maintenance Kit provides an assortment of attachments that let the user custom build the ideal maintenance tool without sacrificing economy, performance, or power.

By Staff
Hydraulics March 1, 1999

Hydraulic couplers

A colorful 8-p catalog introduces a line of hydraulic quick disconnect couplings.

By Staff
Hydraulics February 1, 1999

Pump wet or dry pits

The MSX submersible wastewater pump performs optimally in both wet and dry pit applications. The solids handling pump features advanced hydraulics, highly efficient motor, and silicon carbide mechanical seals resistant to thermal shock and corrosion.

By Staff
Hydraulics January 1, 1999

Simple solutions to common maintenance problems

Most short cuts are based on skillful application of common sense, so a typical reaction to a new tip is "Why didn't I think of that?" Ideas for faster, easier, less expensive (and perhaps better) ways to deal with maintenance tasks deserve to be shared. That's why Plant Engineering magazine publishes "Tips & Tricks" and "Simple Solutions." If you have one or more tips that you are willing to share with fellow professionals, see "How to submit suggestions" at the end of this article. All submissions received during the year will first be considered for Plant Engineering's annual September "Tips & Tricks" presentation, where entries voted tops by readers receive substantial cash awards. Whether they win a prize or not, ideas deemed useful will be published in "Tips & Tricks" or "Simple Solutions." It's important to note that simplicity and widespread applicability are two criteria for suggestions.

By Gary Weidner
Hydraulics September 1, 1998

Plugging the gap

Problem: Some hydraulic valves have mounting bolt holes outside the wiring box that gather dirt and make it difficult to remove the valve.

By Staff
Hydraulics September 1, 1998

Hydraulic pumps

A series of open/closed circuit piston pumps and motors is presented in a 72-p brochure. Technical characteristics, features, pump and motor design principles, controls, installation details, metric and U.S.

By Staff
Hydraulics August 1, 1998

Pressure intensifiers available in four sizes

A family of four intensifiers boosts pressure up to 11,600 psi from any low pressure hydraulic source. The pressure intensifiers are compact, high flow, low maintenance, and do not require an external pressure source. Sherex Industries

By Staff
Hydraulics August 1, 1998

Hydraulic tools

An 8-p brochure covers hydraulic cylinders, pumps, tools, and accessories. Listings include over 100 standard cylinders and a comprehensive pump line. Also featured are maintenance sets, presses, pipe benders, and other tools and accessories. Enerpac

By Staff
Hydraulics July 1, 1998

Kit solves hydraulic maintenance challenges

Maintenance personnel are faced with an endless variety of tasks that call for hydraulic tools. Because spreading, bending, lifting, and holding jobs come in all shapes and sizes, many tools are needed.

By Staff
Hydraulics June 1, 1998

Wastewater separators

A 4-p brochure presents dissolved air flotation separators. A "folded flow" design that optimizes tank hydraulics is highlighted. The energy efficient design provides oil, grease, and TSS removal. U.S. Filter Corp.

By Staff
Hydraulics April 1, 1998

Clarification on best way to get looped

I have a bit of a problem with one of the items presented in the article "Applying simple solutions to common maintenance problems" (PE, January 1998, p 39, File 5540).

By Staff
Hydraulics April 1, 1998

Lifting equipment

Mobile hydraulic floor cranes, reversible boom cranes, jib and gantry cranes, hydraulic scissor lift tables, loading dock lifts, pallet delivery systems, upenders, drum handling equipment, maintenance lifts, and more are the subject of a 24-p catalog.

By Staff
Hydraulics March 1, 1998

Installing Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Just as the twig is bent, the tree's inclined," wrote Alexander Pope in the 1730s.

By Sherrie Mont
Hydraulics March 1, 1998

Clean tubes with clean air

Packages provide a compact and inexpensive method of removing contamination from tubes, pipes, and hoses using a specifically designed projectile driven by 85-120 psi compressed air.

By Staff
Hydraulics January 1, 1998

Pressure sensors – 1998-01-01

A 90-p catalog presents performance information, features, and specifications for sensors used in dynamic pressure measurements, including engine combustion, acoustics, turbulence, hydraulics, pulsations, and other dynamic phenomena.

By Staff

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