Gears and Bearings

The hot melt adhesives mixtures are dumped into a bin.
Gears and Bearings August 5, 2022

Mixer keeps hot melt adhesives cool

Hot melt adhesives are environmentally friendly compared to the alternatives.

By Stephen J. Knauth
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Gears and Bearings May 11, 2022

Three bearing challenges in food production

The food and beverage production sector is facing bearing challenges with safety, sustainability and cost control. Potential solutions are highlighted for each.

By Alan Stewart
Two examples of pneumatic actuated ball valves. The actuator sits on top of the valve body and operates the valve via compressed air.
Gears and Bearings February 18, 2022

How to extend the life of a ball valve

Proper preventive measures can extend the life of ball valves by years

By George Packard
Courtesy: Interact Analysis
Gears and Bearings January 12, 2022

Geared products market projected to have strong 2022

Interact Analysis projects the geared motor and industrial gear market will continue its rebound in 2022 with 8.4% growth year over year (YoY).

By Interact Analysis
Courtesy: Texas A&M Engineering
Gears and Bearings October 1, 2021

Improving bearing performance for turbomachinery in plants

Texas A&M University researchers are working to improve the rotation in turbomachinery rotors with advances in process fluid-lubricated bearings.

By Steve Kuhlmann
Gears and Bearings October 6, 2020

Understand the capabilities of polymer 3-D printing

Discover the manufacturing potential of 3-D printed bearings

By Chris Johnson
Gears and Bearings September 23, 2019

Rapid overhaul of generator rotor needed due to lack of maintenance

Carrying out routine maintenance on a large turbine generator calls for expertise as well as the experience to achieve an efficient and cost-effective project.

By Alex Edwards
Gears and Bearings August 8, 2019

Understanding failure to improve turbomachinery designs

Expert failure analysis techniques deliver improved reliability for demanding manufacturing operations.

By Kirill Grebinnyk, Dr. Vamadevan Gowreesan, and Ricardo Guerrero
Gears and Bearings June 1, 2019

Planetary gearheads by KEB America

The planetary gearheads are a perfect compliment to the DL3 line of dynamic servo motors

By KEB America
Gears and Bearings June 1, 2019

SealMaster® Large Bore Performance Gold Line Mounted Ball Bearing by Regal Beloit

Available in both a medium 2 7/16” and up and standard 2 11/16” and up shaft sizes, the time-saving axial groove in the inner ring bore allows for easier bearing removal.

By Regal Beloit America