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Asset Management February 3, 2023

Risk-assessment tool for produce industry continues advancing

A paper-based, rapid-result test for bovine respiratory disease and COVID-19 is being adapted for produce safety risk assessment.

By Steve Koppes
Asset Management January 30, 2023

Warehouse automation software market worth $6 billion by 2027

New research shows the warehouse automation software market was valued at $2.4 billion in 2021 and will grow with a CAGR of 16% through 2027.

By Interact Analysis
Asset Management January 27, 2023

Asset management market projected to triple in next decade

The asset management market is expected to grow to almost $11 billion thanks to increased use of Industry 4.0 technologies across many industries.

By Future Market Insights
Asset Management January 11, 2023

How an MES can help companies take advantage of manufacturing changes

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) can help small and midsize businesses capitalize on the changing landscape.

By Ryan Kuhlenbeck
Asset Management December 8, 2022

Leveraging real-time data across the enterprise

A system integrator leveraged enterprise resource planning (ERP) products to help a packaging client realize major gains and meet growing demand by giving them access to real-time data.

By Rajah James
Asset Management December 2, 2022

Reducing scrap and risk at plastic facility

A leading plastics manufacturer needs a full, top-to-bottom technological makeover to update obsolete systems, improve efficiency and reliability, while reducing scrap and inaccuracies.

By Matt Cingcade
Asset Management August 24, 2022

Achieve proactive production with an advanced planning system

Advanced planning systems (APS) can help address supply chain challenges

By Justin Newell
Asset Management August 2, 2022

How OT asset visibility enables effective threat detection

When OT asset visibility and threat detection are coupled together, industrial organizations start to gain comprehensive threat visibility.

By Dragos
Asset Management July 28, 2022

Eliminate blind spots with asset monitoring across the plant

Creating a more automated system with a plant-wide asset monitoring platform can help close some blind spots manufacturers face.

By Paul Heine
Asset Management July 15, 2022

Best practices for building an enterprise data warehouse from scratch

Building an enterprise data warehouse can offer many benefits for food and beverage manufacturers and their construction partners

By Mats Elmsater
Asset Management July 11, 2022

Top 5 Plant Engineering content: July 4-10, 2022

The most-viewed content from the past week covered asset criticality, edge computing, automation trends, compressed air systems and IT/OT convergence. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Asset Management June 22, 2022

Transparent asset tracking framework for supply chain management

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the fragility of the current supply chains and highlighted the need for improving the existing supply chain infrastructure through digital transformation.

By Xinxin Fan and Raullen (Qi) Chai
Asset Management May 18, 2022

What an EAM system is

Modern EAM software is capable of providing a truly comprehensive view of everything that might be disrupting production

By Trent Maw
Asset Management May 4, 2022

Increase visibility, plant availability with predictive maintenance

To increase plant availability and reduce costs, use smart instruments for diagnostics and verification without process interruption, providing predictive maintenance for the process.

By Endress+Hauser
Asset Management January 12, 2022

Hitting the asset management sweet spot

Exploring the role played by asset management systems as part of British Sugars drive to create four factories of the future.

By Control Engineering Europe
Asset Management January 10, 2022

Five ways traditional enterprise asset management comes up short

Traditional enterprise asset management (EAM), while beneficial in some ways, cannot provide benefits needed in a modern manufacturing facility.

By Trent Maw
Asset Management January 4, 2022

How enterprise asset management can make facilities disruption-proof

Modern enterprise asset management (EAM) software can help improve manufacturing planning, production planning, production scheduling and more.

By Trent Maw
Asset Management December 30, 2021

Enterprise asset management best practices

See best practices for enterprise asset management (EAM) and how it can help improve manufacturing operations.

By Trent Maw
Asset Management December 21, 2021

Modern enterprise asset management benefits

Modern enterprise asset management (EAM) systems provide manufacturers flexibility and help reduce machine downtime and many other benefits.

By Trent Maw
Asset Management December 3, 2021

How manufacturing operations management (MOM) improves operations, reduces risk

Manufacturing operations management (MOM) enables manufacturers to automatically connect with machines to collect critical data without manual inputs. Do you know how to reduce reduce the “six big losses” in manufacturing?

By Paulo de Matos
Asset Management December 3, 2021

How manufacturing operations management (MOM) improves operations, reduces risk

Manufacturing operations management (MOM) enables manufacturers to automatically connect with machines to collect critical data without manual inputs. Do you know how to reduce reduce the “six big losses” in manufacturing?

By Paulo de Matos
Asset Management October 22, 2021

Asset visibility vs. asset management

Ensuring asset visibility and management solutions can work in parallel to make the data received actionable is crucial.

By Mathias Mesich
Asset Management October 14, 2021

Asset lifecycle management: Interoperability standards help digital transformation

A lifecycle approach for digital and physical asset management adds efficiency to capital projects, handover and associated maintenance and reliability management activities and in other ways.

By Mark T. Hoske
Asset Management October 8, 2021

Four things to keep in mind when performing FMECA

FMECA is a complex process but can optimize processes

By Bryan Christiansen
Asset Management September 10, 2021

Applying IIoT and AI to midstream asset management

Asset management, intelligent workflows and automation play critical role in operational efficiency

By Manish Chawla
Asset Management August 30, 2021

Engineering document management: Paying Formula 1 money for Uber-ride tasks

Digital twin: An interactive, one-to-one scale digital replica of the asset and every component, system or piece of equipment within it, updated in real-time gives the asset owner a powerful monitoring tool and testbed.

By Steve Bruce
Asset Management July 26, 2021

The supply chain battles back

Building resilient, flexible supply chains in the post-COVID era.

By Joe Berti
Asset Management June 3, 2021

Managing plant emissions and energy losses with the latest software applications

Advances in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies and software analytics are empowering plant managers with valuable insights into the health and performance of critical assets. Analytics software and wireless communications are helping reduce costs, emissions and wasted production time.

By Logan Woolery
Asset Management March 17, 2021

Differences between ERP and MES platforms

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) might seem similar, but they have specific aspects they specialize in.

By Curtis Bird
Asset Management March 9, 2021

How to increase ROI and efficiency with EAM

An effective asset management and maintenance system holds the key to greater return on investment

By Craig Greenhalgh
Asset Management February 4, 2021

Execute an effective plant turnaround in seven easy steps

Follow these tips to make a plant turnaround run smoothly and efficiently

By Lawrence Crynes, Ph.D.
Asset Management January 7, 2021

How to develop an asset maintenance strategy

Ask the basic questions too often overlooked, to improve asset management

By Hank Kocevar
Asset Management December 7, 2020

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles November 30 to December 6, 2020

Articles about EAM systems, Product of the Year finalists, matching motors and drives, automation technology and proper air balance in a food facility were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from November 30 to December 6, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Asset Management September 11, 2020

Top 10 considerations for virtual QMS audit success

Manufacturing can’t wait; consider these 10 recommendations for a successful virtual quality management system audit

By Alisa Coffey and Rich Mintz
Asset Management September 10, 2020

Advanced capabilities are being incorporated into EAM systems

Tools are meant to support actionable insights

By Megha Tatiya
Asset Management August 6, 2020

How to maximize your EAM or CMMS

Tracking your mechanical seals may be the best thing since sliced bread

By Chris Tindell
Asset Management August 6, 2020

Connect automation to the power of predictive maintenance

Leveraging operational data already in control systems can drive distribution center (DC) performance and maintenance improvements.

By Eric Rice
Asset Management July 15, 2020

Companies join forces to accelerate industrial transformation

Siemens and SAP announced a partnership designed to bring together their complementary software solutions for product lifecycle, supply chain and asset management applications.

By Siemens Industry, Inc.
Asset Management April 27, 2020

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles April 20-26, 2020

Articles about best practices for essential manufacturing, robots fighting COVID-19, improving plant uptime, COVID-19 alerts from OSHA, and preventing coronavirus were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from April 20-26, 2020. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Asset Management April 8, 2020

Conduct asset performance management with a software-based approach

Unite separate parts of the organization, allowing teams to work collectively

By Emrah Ercan
Asset Management March 24, 2020

Your questions answered: The power of mobile in maintenance and operations

Webcast presenter Kevin Price answered questions on enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions and how they help mobile operations.

By Kevin Price
Asset Management March 12, 2020

Focus on asset health

Consider digital asset management systems as the heart of your Industry 4.0 transformation to ensure the health and competitiveness of your future business

By Andrew Kowalik
Asset Management September 1, 2019

OtoSense Development Kit by Otosense Inc.

OtoSense Development Kit allows engineers to design, evaluate, and deploy sound and vibration-based condition monitoring systems, leveraging the unique capabilities of this sound recognition platform.

By OtoSense Inc.
Asset Management August 17, 2019

Continuous asset optimization in manufacturing

Continuous asset optimization (CAO) combines smart manufacturing technologies with cutting edge statistical, data-driven and physics of failure modeling techniques.

By Dr. Ananth Seshan
Asset Management August 4, 2019

Leverage digitalization for asset integrity management

Select the right management technologies for modernization.

By Dave Maguire and Richard Fish
Asset Management June 20, 2019

Three tips to consider when buying an ERP system

Buying an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a big step, and companies should consider what it can bring to the company and the potential risks involved.

By Ultra Consultants
Asset Management June 7, 2019

Third-party contractors, software can bridge the resources gap

Find a way to securely allow contractors to work on site.

By Kevin Price
Asset Management May 10, 2019

Five change management strategies for an ERP project

Change management strategies for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) project include aligning everyone on the stated goal for a project and identifying potential risks before they become an issue.

By Ultra Consultants
Asset Management May 2, 2019

Three questions to consider during ERP software selection

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects work best when they are built on process improvement, but companies should ask what an ERP can accomplish for them and why they're looking to choose one in the first place.

By Ultra Consultants
Asset Management April 12, 2019

Asset Conditioning Monitoring: Best Practices to Maximize Benefits: Your questions answered

Webcast presenter Shreeram Shanbhag answered additional questions about topics such as digital twins, asset maintenance strategy tips, data storage, and more.

By Shreeram Shanbhag
Asset Management February 14, 2019

Define and specify ERP implementation best practices

Companies should consider what best practices to adopt and implement when choosing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

By Brian Potts
Asset Management February 11, 2019

Top 5 Plant Engineering articles February 4-10

Articles about the top plant winner, blockchain benefits, future plant designs, data's role in manufacturing's future, and asset assessments were Plant Engineering’s five most clicked articles from February 4-10. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Asset Management February 8, 2019

Five questions to ask when selecting an ERP implementation partner

Selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) partner is a tricky process and knowing where the company stands up front can save you long-term problems and challenges.

By Brian Potts
Asset Management February 5, 2019

Asset assessment: Take a proactive approach

Data-driven effort should focus on goals, not problems.

By Maria Menard
Asset Management January 29, 2019

The importance of ERP testing before going live

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) testing is a complex and time-consuming process. Companies need to ensure the right people are involved and the right questions are being asked.

By Sam Graham
Asset Management January 25, 2019

Four things to consider before selecting an ERP system

Selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a big step, and companies should consider their overall strategy in the short- and long-term before making a major commitment.

By Brian Potts
Asset Management January 24, 2019

Seven steps for starting an effective ERP project

Companies need to carefully consider many aspects when starting an effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) project. Seven best practices are highlighted.

By Ultra Consultants
Asset Management January 22, 2019

Four ways to save money on ERP and digital transformations

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and digital transformations can be a costly process. Some early preparation and work can help reduce the final bill.

By Eric Kimberling
Asset Management January 12, 2019

Reasons to stick with or develop an ERP business plan

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a must for any business looking to improve their overall operations, particularly as the economic outlook becomes more uncertain.

By Ultra Consultants
Asset Management December 7, 2018

Decision paralysis and what to do about it

Manufacturers must react swiftly to changing markets, technologies. Eight influencing factors are highlighted.

By Steve Beard
Asset Management June 5, 2018

Motor repair or replacement? Start with a motor failure policy

Fundamentals to help plants make the right decisions on motor failure policy include determining a motor's horsepower breakpoint and communicating a plan with the team.

By Nicole Dyess, Motors@Work
Asset Management May 11, 2018

Material handling maintenance needs cloud-based efficiency

When you use heavy-duty equipment to complete large tasks, you face the risk that big things will go wrong.

By Kevin Price, Infor
Asset Management April 13, 2018

High-impact assets need a team approach

Collaborative efforts can bridge maintenance and design in the asset design stage.

By Prasanna Kulkarni, Comparesoft
Asset Management March 26, 2018

Weighing in on maintenance

The improvements in analytics and the sharp drop in the costs of sensors have ushered in the age of Big Data.

By Bob Vavra, CFE Media
Asset Management October 19, 2017

Four ways to maximize field service wrench time

In order to know if field techs are using their tools at optimum efficiency, you must first compare wrench performance to industry leading benchmarks.

By Mike Pandl, MSI Data
Asset Management August 10, 2017

Beyond the hype: Data will drive predictive maintenance

Merging the virtual world with real plant floor issues is the biggest surrounding Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

By David Bell, GE Digital
Asset Management June 15, 2017

Six questions about reliability vision companies need to answer

Companies that want to use reliability vision should ensure workers are practicing what they preach and make sure the message is transmitted across a variety of mediums.

By Shon Isenhour, Eruditio
Asset Management May 12, 2017

Predictive vs. preventive: The debate—and the future

Though they have similarities, preventive maintenance (PM) and predictive maintenance (PdM) significantly differ in their execution.

By Mark C. Munion, T.A. Cook Consultants, Inc.
Asset Management February 15, 2017

2016 Salary Survey

Plant Engineering's 2016 Salary Survey shows optimism amongst manufacturers remain strong going into 2017, but there are some concerns about the future and they don't know what the Industrial Internet of Things' (IIoT) role will be in the workplace.

By Bob Vavra, content manager, CFE Media
Asset Management November 30, 2016

IMC conference brings maintenance pros together

Florida event Dec. 12-16 features speakers, hands-on learning labs.

By CFE Media
Asset Management September 15, 2016

2016 Engineering Leader Under 40: Aneel Baig, 37

Senior Project Manager, INTECH Process Automation, Houston

By Erin Dunne, CFE Media
Asset Management August 24, 2016

Medium-voltage switchgear for power distribution management

Premset is shielded solid insulated medium-voltage switchgear for power distribution management.

By Schneider Electric
Asset Management June 10, 2016

RFID, asset management a powerful combo

A more connected enterprise can use both technologies.

By Barcoding Inc.
Asset Management May 6, 2016

Building the ultimate CMMS team: A step-by-step guide

A top-notch CMMS can often help with every aspect of maintenance, ranging from core functionalities like asset management and preventive maintenance to professional services like consulting and training.

By Smartware Group
Asset Management March 30, 2016

Weighing the costs and benefits of TPM implementation

World-class organizations, by and large, are implementing programs for total productive maintenance (TPM). With effective leadership, high-performing infrastructure and specialized experts on staff to address any and all needs, your business can do more than just fix problems.

By Smartware Group
Asset Management March 28, 2016

NERC CIP-013-1 sets sights on utility asset management security

When we talk about security in the 21st century, we’re referring to two different kinds—there’s physical security, as in protection against outside threats that might harm a facility or its assets, and there’s cyber security.

By Smartware Group
Asset Management November 26, 2015

Turn OEE into a financial indicator

Three steps to calculate the value of measuring effectiveness.

By Jon Bailey, Eruditio
Asset Management August 13, 2015

Webcast: 5 Ways to Improve Your Plant’s Training Strategy

Five things you can do to improve your asset management, maintenance, and reliability training and five areas that may be holding you back. We’ll also look at the new training techniques and devices that extend training beyond the classroom and on to the plant floor.

By Plant Engineering
Asset Management May 15, 2015

Use your senses to build a proactive approach to maintenance

When touring your plant floor, make sure to get close to your equipment, workers

By Scott Hoff, Life Cycle Engineering
Asset Management May 4, 2015

Understanding and complying with ISO 55001: Planning

The final part, in this 3 part series, focuses on planning and steps to take to ensure compliance with ISO 55001.

By Darrin Wikoff, Eruditio
Asset Management April 27, 2015

Understanding and complying with ISO 55001: Leadership

Part 2 in the 3 part series focuses on leadership requirements of asset management.

By Darrin Wikoff
Asset Management April 21, 2015

Understanding and complying with ISO 55001

This is the first in a three part series about asset management and understanding the requirements from ISO 55001.

By Darin Wikoff, Eruditio
Asset Management November 6, 2014

Webcast: Managing Assets Using Criticality

This webcast will focus on the construction of a risk-based criticality analysis model. The model will create visibility of production impacts, as well as risks to environmental and safety performance, maintenance costs and the allocation of precious capital resources. With a clear understanding of how to construct your analysis model, we will expand our thinking towards the development of asset management plans aimed at mitigating the predominant characteristics that make each asset significant.

By Plant Engineering
Asset Management September 15, 2014

2014 Engineering Leader Under 40: Peter Saladis

Manager, Assembly; The Raymond Corp.; Greene, N.Y.

By CFE Media
Asset Management August 21, 2014

The OEE Metric—The Right Way to Use It

For those who want to measure how they stack up against the competition, one of the metrics they always seem concerned with is OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

By Dan Miklovic, Primary Analyst for LNS Research
Asset Management June 4, 2014

Consider third-party involvement when looking to replace CMMS

To make sure the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) you choose has been thoroughly vetted before you sign the purchase order, consider a reputable third party to put it through a rigorous evaluation process first, in which the product’s capabilities are tested and verified against industry standards.

By Paul Lachance
Asset Management June 4, 2014

CMMS software upgrade

The latest version of Smartware Group's Bigfoot CMMS modernizes the user interface design to simplify asset maintenance management.

By Smartware Group Inc.
Asset Management March 17, 2014

ERP and CMMS: The ties that bind

A best-of-breed computerized maintenance management system can fulfill requisite integration with an enterprise resource planning system to share cost data and reduce redundant data entry.

By Paul Lachance
Asset Management February 12, 2014

Certification the next step in your maintenance career

Using the CMRP/CMRT certification to improve your career

By Nick Roberts, Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals
Asset Management December 4, 2013

White Paper: Life Cycle Engineering: ISO 55000: Why do we need a new standard for asset management?

This white paper explains why companies struggle with asset management and why a new standard is needed.

Asset Management November 18, 2013

2013 Product of the Year finalists: Productivity & Training

Finalists in the Productivity & Training category for the Plant Engineering 2013 Product of the Year competition.

By Amanda McLeman
Asset Management January 11, 2013

Project leadership skills lacking, company finds

ESI’s Top 10 project management issues point to need for more skills training

Asset Management September 17, 2012

Five tips to keep better track of plant assets

Figure out what you need, what you want to know, and what the solutions might be.

By Wasp Barcode Technologies
Asset Management June 15, 2012

Honeywell asset management system updated

Goal is to help improve reliability-cantered maintenance programs

By Source: Honeywell
Asset Management June 14, 2012

Financial planning for asset management

Businesses that need capital investment to sustain growth are forced to dramatically reduce the cost of operating in order to improve their image, while those with capital are routinely investing inappropriately and thus skewing their financial image.

By Darrin J. Wikoff, CMRP
Asset Management March 15, 2012

SAP Conference for Utilities

The annual SAP Conference for Utilities in Madrid, Spain, is scheduled for April 17-19, 2012, at the Hotel Auditórium Madrid.

Asset Management March 15, 2012

In the plant: The green balancing act

Hormel Foods shows the way to meet environmental and economic goals.

By Thomas Raymond and Chad Sayles, Hormel Foods
Asset Management March 12, 2012

Ask the right question to create an asset management financial plan

Organizations all over the world are looking to maximize profits through effective utilization of their fixed assets to generate revenue.

By Darrin J. Wikoff, CMRP GP Allied
Asset Management December 12, 2011

2011 Leader Under 40: Nina Andgren, 36

Maintenance Engineer, Upper Occoquan Service Authority (UOSA)

By Plant Engineering staff
Asset Management December 1, 2011

When rolling out CMMS, make sure everyone gets involved

Enterprise-level CMMS promotes superior maintenance operations across the organization by sharing PMs and other best practices.

By Paul Lachance, Smartware Group Inc.
Asset Management November 14, 2011

Bentley honors outstanding global infrastructure projects

2011 Be Inspired award winners include entries from 42 countries

By Bentley Systems
Asset Management November 1, 2011

POY Finalist: Process automation system

Finalist in Automation and Control in Plant Engineering’s 2011 Product of the Year competition

By Edited by Chris Vavra, Plant Engineering
Asset Management November 1, 2011

POY Finalist: EAM solution

Finalist in Maintenance Software in Plant Engineering’s 2011 Product of the Year competition

By Edited by Amanda McLeman, Plant Engineering
Asset Management October 24, 2011

Sales pitch on CMMS: Increased capacity, profits

The maintenance team should not simply be considered a cost center. What is the opposite of reducing downtime? Increasing uptime!

By Paul Lachance, Smartware Group
Asset Management October 11, 2011

Industrial automation show debuts in 2012

Hannover Messe, CFE Media partner on IANA event at 2012 IMTS Show

Asset Management October 7, 2011

Bentley announces Be Inspired finalists

Global infrastructure awards to be presented Nov. 8-9

By Bentley Systems
Asset Management September 21, 2011

Breaking down the barriers to effective maintenance

Repetitive failures can be prevented with routine maintenance, in turn increasing productivity and profits.

By Don Reed, UGL Services
Asset Management August 22, 2011

CMMS cuts maintenance costs, increases profits

The connection between lowering maintenance costs and enhancing profitability may not always be obvious to senior management.

By Paul Lachance, Smartware Group
Asset Management June 24, 2011

What’s holding back wireless communication in industry?

In spite of healthy growth, the vast majority of devices will still be connected to wires by 2015, suggesting that the wireless industry isn't as vast as commonly thought.

By Toby Colquhoun, Analyst, IMS Research
Asset Management May 13, 2011

Signs point toward recovery for process automation market in 2011

The J.P. Morgan global manufacturing PMI edged up to 57.8 from 57.1 in January, marking the second-fastest reading ever in the global gauge.

By SOURCE: ARC Advisory Group
Asset Management April 25, 2011

ERP is hard to use, IFS North America study reveals

Only 10 percent of manufacturing executives participating in a study conducted for IFS North America said their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software was “very easy and intuitive to use.”

Asset Management April 5, 2011

Equipping business for success in an improving economy

Acquiring equipment to operate and grow is critical, and for smart businesses, equipment financing is a key acquisition strategy

By William G. Sutton, CAE, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association
Asset Management March 14, 2011

End-to-end energy

Pay attention to every step in your process to gain maximum efficiency; awareness of the cost of energy is a critical step for a manufacturing company.

By Mark Wylie, Cisco Systems
Asset Management December 27, 2010

Shodan Finds Vulnerable Control Systems

Most hackers have been using Google Hacks for some time to find specific sites based on banner information. As reported in a ICS-CERT Alert released October 28, independent security researchers employ the Shodan search engine to discover Internet facing SCADA systems using potentially insecure mechanisms for authentication and authorization. In most cases, the affected control system interfaces provide remote access for monitoring system status and/or certain asset management features, said Joel Langill, staff engineer and security consultant for ENGlobal’s Automation Segment based in Houston, TX.

Asset Management December 15, 2010

BEST PRACTICES: Maximize training

Making a strong case for training during fiscally frugal times is a challenge; finding the budget and time can be even harder.

By Mark Jolley and Rinnette Lowder, Marshall Institute
Asset Management November 11, 2010

Give maintenance a fighting chance

Whether you Bob or Weave, putting a plan in place can stretch dollars in tough times

By Dale P. Smith, CMRP
Asset Management November 11, 2010

Three tips for achieving OEE success

It seems easy to realize the common sense of OEE, but more difficult to successfully involve all of the different areas of the business necessary to make the most of it.

By Ulf Stern, IFS AB
Asset Management September 23, 2010

Maintain your role as an energy champion

The connection between maintenance and energy savings is not well understood. In fact, some view energy savings as just an electrical issue rather than a holistic approach to all kinds of plant floor energy.

By Dale P. Smith, CMRP
Asset Management August 19, 2010

Optimizing the enterprise

Measurement, empowerment and control are the essential ingredients of effective enterprise optimization

By Stan DeVries and Maryanne Steidinger, Invensys Operations Management
Asset Management April 1, 2010

The Changing World of the Plant Engineer

Technology and an evolving global landscape have changed the plant floor

By Bob Vavra, Editor
Asset Management March 10, 2010

Honors, knowledge at 2010 Summit

Three days of knowledge, awards begins March 28 in Chicago

By Bob Vavra
Asset Management March 1, 2010

IBM’s Bryan: Manufacturers must harness the power of the plant infrastructure to deliver real improvement

With a growing emphasis using all plant resources more efficiently, asset management is a major topic of discussion for plant managers today. Edward Bryan, director, SWG Industrial Sector Solutions for IBM, will discuss these issues and others during his keynote address at the 2010 Manufacturing/Automation Summit.

Asset Management February 22, 2010

IBM Pulse attendees can participate in Global Plant study

Three-day event kicks off international phase of research

By Bob Vavra
Asset Management February 12, 2010

New MESA study to focus on green manufacturing issues

Final report due at MESA event in June

By Bob Vavra
Asset Management February 4, 2010

Manufacturing/Automation Summit Speakers

Manufacturing/Automation Summit KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Edward W. Bryan FBCS, PMP Director, SWG Industrial Sector SolutionsIBM Corp.   Ed Bryan has over 20 years business and IT experience.

By elena younger
Asset Management February 1, 2010

Tighter EAM, ERP integration

Avantis.PRO Enterprise Asset Management software has been enhanced to be more tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Resource Planning software. This integration provides a solution that is intended to ensure financial and enterprise-planning decisions are made using timely, reliable information about the health and operation of all assets within a manufacturing facility or or...

Asset Management February 1, 2010

Global manufacturing forum to highlight 2010 Summit

Even as American manufacturing leaders work to emerge from the two-year recession, many already are looking to expand operations to new markets in every part of the world. And manufacturing leaders in every part of the world are taking a fresh look at the U.S. manufacturing landscape to get closer to their customers and deliver quality products to the rest of the world.

Asset Management January 1, 2010

Maintenance software – 2010-01-01 – 2010-01-01

Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 helps customers avoid costly equipment failures and reduce asset maintenance costs. The software enhances the company’s Proficy software suite by ensuring that maintenance operations are integrated into each company’s journey toward operational excellence. The software can scale up from a simple condition monitoring system to a sophisticated orchestra...

Asset Management January 1, 2010

Find the common language for maintenance

As part of the recent Enterprise Asset Management University Webcasts sponsored by IBM and moderated by Plant Engineering magazine editor Bob Vavra, Dave Reiber, Global Maximo Lead for General Motors, discussed the experiences of General Motors’ implementation of a worldwide plant maintenance system.

Asset Management January 1, 2010

ARC analyst: Energy issues spur changes in HVAC market

Joe Gillespie, analyst for the ARC Advisory Group, recently completed his report, “HVAC Control Systems Worldwide Outlook,” which is available at He discussed the report’s finding and trends ahead of this month’s AHR Conference in Orlando with Plant Engineering: PE: Identify some of the key market drivers in the HVAC market.

Asset Management December 16, 2009

General Motors manager to speak on asset management Thursday

EAM University registration open for Dec. 17 Webcast

By Bob Vavra
Asset Management October 1, 2009

Maintenance software – 2009-10-01

Proficy Maintenance Gateway 2.0 helps customers avoid costly equipment failures and reduce asset maintenance costs. The software enhances the company’s Proficy software suite by ensuring that maintenance operations are integrated into each company’s journey toward operational excellence. The software can scale up from a simple condition monitoring system to a sophisticated orchestra...

Asset Management September 1, 2009

Effective asset management in an uncertain economy

Webcast offers insight on ways to meet asset challenges

By Bob Vavra
Asset Management June 10, 2009

It’s a deal! Fiat takes control of Chrysler assets

Supreme Court clears the way, and both parties waste no time in signing the deal

By PLE Staff
Asset Management June 8, 2009

Bottling up plant improvements

Accurate metrics leads to accelerated reliability

By PLE Staff
Asset Management June 1, 2009

New ideas, right to your desk at Virtual Summit

The 2009 Plant Engineering Manufacturing Summit was a big hit with attendees, but not all of Plant Engineering’s worldwide audience could take advantage of this year’s event. Now, they can. Join Plant Engineering and industry experts on June 30, from 10 a.m. EDT to 3 p.m. EDT for the Plant Engineering Virtual Manufacturing Summit.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management March 1, 2009

Becoming ‘trap active:’ Asset management is gaining steam

Asset management is getting a lot of attention during these turbulent economic times. Financial planners shudder every time the phone rings because they know another client has just reviewed their financial statement and is trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding. The same holds true for energy and maintenance managers when it comes to reviewing plant operating costs and trying to pinpoint energy losses and capture efficiencies.

By Kerry Philips, Armstrong International Smart Services Group
Asset Management March 1, 2009

2009 Manufacturing Summit: New strategies, solutions to meet challenges

With manufacturing struggling in 2009, new ideas and new strategies are needed to help manufacturing leaders do their jobs better, faster, safer and more productively. To help lead this effort, Plant Engineering magazine brings the 2009 Manufacturing Summit to Charleston, SC on March 29-31 at the Charleston Place Hotel.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management February 12, 2009

Double-play project: Rawlings to hit batting cages early using AtTask PPM solutions

Rawlings, a name synonymous with baseball since 1877, has chosen AtTask project and portfolio management (PPM) solutions to establish transparency, reduce costs, and drive new product introduction.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Asset Management February 1, 2009

Protecting the intangible assets on the plant floor

Look across any plant floor and you’ll see hundreds of assets your company finds valuable enough to insure. Machines, tools, employees – virtually anything within the plant – are worthy of protection. But what about what you don’t see? It’s what you don’t know about what’s going on across the plant floor that can hurt you, and that’s made asset ma...

By Tad Palus, Rockwell Automation
Asset Management January 6, 2009

Chemical connection: Honeywell technology to be used to design, upgrade key Casale Group global facilities

Honeywell just won a contract to supply process simulation solutions to Casale Group, a Lugano, Switzerland-based specialist in the design and refurbishment of chemical facilities. Casale will deploy the UniSim Design Suite across its process engineering teams.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Asset Management January 1, 2009

Key plant strategies and solutions the focus at 2009 Manufacturing Summit

Manufacturing's economic recession brings more challenges every day, and plant managers need to be armed with the best information and the best strategies to meet those challenges. The 2009 Plant Engineering Manufacturing Summit is designed to provide the latest knowledge on key areas in manufacturing.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management January 1, 2009

Sustaining an energy plan

Sustainability – the efficient use of today’s resources to avoid depleting future resources – is still moving past its buzz-word status to be a real strategic initiative. The inevitable link between energy and sustainability remains strong, and now may be the best time to focus attention on the issue.

By Bob Vavra, Editor
Asset Management December 1, 2008

What you’re talking about online:

On our searchable Website content:“Your articles are amazing! It helped me a lot with my research about different kinds of valves and actuators and how this stuff works with other mechanical devices. Again, thanks a lot!” On the story, “Create a roadmap for proper pump maintenance:”“A helpful guide to anyone maintaining a pump but one very important detail is missing: Driver to pump shaft alignment. The better the alignment the less wear and tear on the motor bearings, pump bearings and you'll get better service life from your mechanical seal if your pump is so equipped.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management November 1, 2008

Maintenance Software – 2008-11-01

Asset sustainability software EAM Asset Sustainability Edition enterprise software allows users to integrate energy consumption and emissions management into their asset management practices. The software factors energy consumption into total asset performance; it also factors in an asset's consumption of wage commodities: water, air, gas, electricity and steam. The application tracks consumption of individual assets in real time, evaluates data against user-defined conditions and alerts users when assets exceed acceptable performance thresholds. Infor : Maintenance software Proficy Maintenance Gateway uses real-time production data, events and information to drive maintenance.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management October 1, 2008

Recovery, reuse, revenue fuel the Sustainability boom

Environmental awareness and social responsibility haven’t just geared up for the election year. They are dominant themes found in business initiatives that have been in place for decades.

By Carol E. Smith, Managing editor (
Asset Management September 29, 2008

Beyond process automation: Invensys Process Systems hails its consulting successes

While nearly every vendor in the industrial automation space now claims to be a “solution provider” rather than a mere technology supplier, Invensys has something to support this claim that most of its competitors lack: its own global consulting organization.

By Sidney Hill, Jr., Executive Editor
Asset Management September 15, 2008

Asset Lifecycle Management & The Digital Plant

Operating assets are more than the physical equipment one sees during a plant tour. Critical human and information assets lie “hidden” behind the equipment façade and their development must be synchronized with the equipment throughout design, build and commissioning to achieve rapid operational readiness goals.

By Sid Snitkin, ARC Advisory Group
Asset Management September 15, 2008

Optimizing maintenance and reliability makes it part of the business plan

In Management 101, one of the first lessons taught is how to develop a business plan. the foundation for the business. Products and potential customers are identified, and a business structure is developed. Application of that lesson to various strategic business units of plants and facilities has been slow.

By Terry Wireman, Vesta Partners LLC
Asset Management September 15, 2008

How technology helps us face the real workforce challenges

Heading for an iceberg? For senior company executives, it really is the case that the most important asset in their organization is the people who work in it. But a well-trained, experienced, and highly motivated workforce isn’t just the most important asset that a company possesses – it’s also one of the most easily lost.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management August 20, 2008

SC optimization: Wincanton standardizes pan-European operations on Manhattan Associates

European supply chain services provider Wincanton will standardize its European logistics infrastructure on the Manhattan Associates supply chain solutions platform. The project plan will focus initially on deploying Manhattan's Warehouse Management for Open Systems solution across 15 sites in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the U.K.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Asset Management August 15, 2008

Driving the point across: Break-fix isn’t a strategy

My car provides basic transportation, which is all I really ask of it. It is pleasant enough to drive. It gets reasonably good gas mileage. It has needed minimal major repairs. It has had very little unscheduled downtime – that accident a few years back being the prime culprit. I have managed to successfully coax my car through six Chicago winters.

By Bob Vavra, Editor
Asset Management August 15, 2008

SME, EMCI develop partnership

The Society of Manufacturing Engineers will partner with Engineering Management Certification International (EMCI) on a certification program in engineering management among qualified engineers, scientists and technologists. Effective July 15, SME will end its Certified Engineering Manager certification and merge it with the EMCI program.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management July 10, 2008

Break out of the break-fix mentality

Enterprise asset management an important tool for improvement, says Aberdeen/Plant Engineering report

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management June 15, 2008

Plant Engineering assists Aberdeen with EAM survey

The continuing pressure to maximize return on assets and mitigate risk due to failure of critical assets is forcing manufacturers in the asset intensive sector to examine multiple strategies for asset optimization at the enterprise level.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management May 22, 2008

Plant Engineering, Aberdeen sponsor EAM survey

Voice your opinion on how asset management operates in your plant for real-time interoperability

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management May 15, 2008

Corporate management: i2 Technologies names permanent CEO

i2 Technologies announced its board of directors has named Dr. Pallab K. Chatterjee i2 chief executive officer (CEO). Chatterjee has been the Company's interim CEO since July 31, 2007.

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff
Asset Management May 2, 2008

IBM Maximo launches new version of EAM Resource Center

Based on last year’s original version, the redesigned online resource offers new tools for users to optimize their EAM applications.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management April 15, 2008

Research indicates Lean leads to best manufacturing

A recently released research report from Aberdeen Group revealed that best-in-class manufacturers realize 21% more on-time deliveries, have a 37% higher level of OEE and their total inventory costs are 83% lower when compared to laggard manufacturers.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management March 15, 2008

Mesh networking module

Xbee-PRO ZNet 2.5 is an extended-range RF module designed for mesh networking and provides up to one-mile RF line-of-sight transmission. The module, operating on the 2.4 GHz ISM band, which makes it appropriate for worldwide use, is available with four antenna options. It’s a compatible, pin-swappable extended-range counterpart to Digi’s XBee ZNet 2.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management March 15, 2008

ODR takes the driver’s seat

Few proactive maintenance strategies have gained as much ground in plants across industries than Operator Driven Reliability (ODR). Even in the best-running facilities, where up to 80% of machinery failures can still be random, ODR programs are ideally suited to be the front-line defense in optimizing performance.

By Dave Staples, SKF Reliability Systems
Asset Management December 15, 2007

Effective EAM strategy drives plant and enterprise success

Developing an effective asset management strategy is crucial, not just to drive successful manufacturing, but to drive success for the organization. That’s the view offered by Brian Dunks, senior product manager for Lawson Software, during PLANT ENGINEERING’S Oct. 25 Webcast, “Integrating EAM.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management December 5, 2007

Summit Speaker Bio

home register schedule bios sponsors hotel contact This event is sponsored by: Monday, March 30: 9 a.m. The Digital Plant: There are two ways to view the digital plant. One is as data interconnected with everybody within an organization.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management November 28, 2007

CIDX, ISA align to enable system interoperability for chemical industry

Chemical Industry Data Exchange and ISA announced an agreement that will formalize the sharing of information and benefits between both memberships, as well as the Open O&M initiative.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management November 27, 2007

Virtual MFG Summit

The Manufacturing Summit features leading plant engineering experts covering critical industry topics from workforce development to sustainability.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management November 15, 2007

The evolution of maintenance strategy

Continuous improvement programs nearly always start on the plant floor and, with success, expand into other areas of the corporation. Lean and Six Sigma have wide adoption and many are using these programs in the maintenance area. The objective of maintenance is to ensure high equipment uptime. Reliability Centered Maintenance specifically targets this objective.

By Ralph Rio, ARC Advisory Group
Asset Management November 15, 2007

Personnel, asset location system

Honeywell Instant Location System (HILS) is a Web-based, real time location solution that manufacturers can use to ensure safety, improve security and manage people and assets within their facilities. It features current and historical asset intelligence, configuration and management tools and the ability to send alerts automatically.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management November 15, 2007

Mobile task tracker

The SMART Task Tracker manages major overhauls and turnarounds of industrial facilities. The software integrates data into multiple applications, including project management software and asset management systems. For management oversight, a desktop interface provides an audit trail of each task, including status changes and signoffs, and delivers reporting capabilities.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management November 15, 2007

The Changing Role of the Plant Engineer

If the landscape of manufacturing is confusing to some, the man in charge of the plant floor can see clearly to the horizon. You can call that man plant engineer or plant manager or vice-president of manufacturing or any of a dozen other titles. The role of the plant engineer in an efficient, effective, safe and productive manufacturing process is undeniable.

By Bob Vavra, Editor
Asset Management October 24, 2007

Webcast: Integrating EAM

Asset intensive organizations need to focus on reducing the risk of equipment or plant failure while also increasing the return on asset investment by maximizing asset availability and operational capacity.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management October 1, 2007

Katrina disaster confirms need for real-time inventory and asset management

For private citizens, government agencies, and the corporate world alike, Hurricane Katrina taught many harsh lessons in August 2005. One is the need to plan, as made painfully apparent to Wink Companies LLC, a multidiscipline professional engineering and design firm. Now headquartered in Baton Rouge, Wink's former New Orleans headquarters was flooded, and one wall was all that remained of a Bi...

By Staff
Asset Management September 30, 2007

Enterprise asset management system

Asset Suite 6.0 features enhancements in work management, supply chain management, usability and internationalization, a library of tailored pages and a Web service catalog. The application’s Foundation Architecture, a services-oriented architecture, offers configurations that respond to an array of evolving business needs.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management September 28, 2007

Fall kicks off with Webcasts on motors, EAM

Tackling problems on the plant floor is like tackling football players – good technique and aggressive play usually works. There’s no better time to practice tackling than the fall, and there’s no better forum to tackle plant floor issues than the fall series of Webcasts.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management September 12, 2007

ATS expands USG partnership

It’s the second such engagement between the two companies.

By Staff
Asset Management September 11, 2007

Condition Manager on display at User Group Academy

Invensys event in Denver showcases ECS component

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management August 22, 2007

Emerson acquires DMI

Emerson has acquired DMI, Inc. The acquisition includes all DMI technologies, applications, services and employees.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management August 7, 2007

IFMA Foundation to oversee recognized degree programs

With an eye on the future of the facility management industry, the International Facility Management Association Foundation will oversee recognized degree programs at IFMA-certified universities.

By Staff
Asset Management August 1, 2007

ISA Web seminar covers alarm systems

Presentation focuses on designing, implementing a successful system

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management July 17, 2007

Integrating MES, ERP leads to success: study

Best-in-Class performers are 86% more likely to integrate MES and CMMS systems with their ERP platforms. They are 57% more likely than others to implement EAM strategies at the discretion of the plant leadership.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management July 11, 2007

Built-in fleet management and manufacturing functions highlight asset management system

The latest version of Infor’s enterprise asset management system allows users to address business-specific needs without requiring customized software.

By Staff
Asset Management May 23, 2007

Avantis.PRO certified for Vista

Avantis.PRO enterprise asset management software has passed the Certified for Windows Vista test. The certification procedure is designed to ensure compliance with deployment and operating requirements defined by Microsoft.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management April 15, 2007

EAM Resource Centersite launched by MRO

A free Website launched by MRO Software hopes to manage content and information around the subject of enterprise asset management. MRO Software, which was recently acquired by IBM, leverages the Maximo brand name in its new EAM Resource Center site ( The site features best practices, technical issues and thought leadership.

By Staff
Asset Management March 27, 2007

PROFINET, MES address maintenance issues

PROFIBUS International has released the “PROFINET and MES Maintenance Operations” guideline, which describes interface functions that support MES maintenance systems. According to an article from PROFINET International titled “PROFINET and MES: Closing The Communication Gap,” the guideline facilitates consistent communication with PROFINET from the field level to top management, making it easier to switch from predictive maintenance to condition monitoring in machines and systems. Although MES/ERP interfaces are defined in ISO/IEC 62264, PROFINET’s new specification defines an open interface between MES and automation systems for maintenance operations. This means that standardized interface functions are now available between PROFINET and the MES maintenance field. The article states that the standard also provides suitable mechanisms for PROFINET to identify devices used in the system electronically.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management March 2, 2007

ATX motherboard

The AIMB-554 industrial micro ATX motherboard supports Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core Duo and Intel Core Solo processors with 400/533/667 MHz FSB.When combined with an Intel Core 2 Duo T7400 processor, the motherboard brings dual-core processing with a 4-MB L2 cache and advanced power management. Its Intel 945GM Express chipset provides remote asset management capabilities, improved storage speed and includes an Intel 945GM graphic memory controller hub and an Intel I/O controller. The integrated VGA controller and GMA950 provides graphics via a PCI-Express x16 port, LVDS and TV-out connector, with support for dual-display applications. Advantech Corp.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management December 1, 2006

Cory N. Welch joins Invensys

Invensys Process Systems has named Cory N. Welch as practice director, enterprise network and security services. In this capacity, Welch will help Invensys develop and deliver a new suite of comprehensive enterprise network and security solutions to Invensys' global customers. These solutions play a key role within Invensys' overall asset performance management business optimization strategy.

By Staff
Asset Management November 29, 2006

Invensys implements Avantis EAM system for Platte River Power Authority

Invensys Process Systems has implemented a comprehensive Avantis enterprise asset management system at the Platte River Power Authority in Fort Collins, CO, for its generation, distribution and maintenance operations, which includes a 274-MW coal-fired power plant located north of Fort Collins. The Avantis.PRO asset management software application is being used for maintenance management, inventory control and procurement for generating machinery, distribution yard equipment, transmission lines and towers, as well as vehicles and other company assets. The implementation includes the Avantis Approvals software module, which uses automated workflow for approval routing and processing. This helps Platte River manage their inventory and purchasing activities, improve productivity, and contain costs across the company's entire asset base. Platte River is also using the Avantis VIP Advanced Scheduling module. VIP Advanced Scheduling combines into one management display all information about the availability of people, materials and equipment.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management November 15, 2006

REC silicon plant gets new automation

REC Silicon’s Silane unit now has upgraded automation. A major automation upgrade of the Silane unit in the REC Silicon plant in Moses Lake, WA, involved migrating the company’s existing PROVOX control system to a DeltaV digital automation system from Emerson Process Management. A new plant-wide MES network was installed that hosts an OSIsoft PI data historian. The scope of work for Emerson on the project included front end engineering design (FEED), hardware design, migration configuration, AMS Device Manager configuration, turnkey implementation, installation of a critical data backup server and automation simulation services.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management November 1, 2006

Integrated asset management system

Maintelligence v. 4.0 combines the functionality of Maintelligence Asset Manager and Maintelligence Monitor. It enables the automation of asset inspection and predictive and preventive maintenance task scheduling, using one database. An advanced vibration analysis module features true 3D waterfalls, orbit displays, waveform post processing and improved cursors and analysis functions, including ...

By Staff
Asset Management November 1, 2006

Wireless solutions, technology the focus at Emerson event

The word of the week was 'wireless' at the Emerson Global Users Exchange hosted by Emerson Process Management Oct. 2–6 at Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, Nashville. John Berra, president of Emerson Process Management; Steve Sonnenberg, president of Emerson's Rosemount Division; and Bob Karschnia, director of technology for Rosemount shared in making the announcement of Em...

By Jack Smith
Asset Management October 1, 2006

Invensys earns SCP re-cert, again

Invensys Process Systems announced that its Foxboro, MA-based Global Product Support group has achieved certification under the prestigious Support Center Practices certification program for the fourth consecutive year. SCP certification quantifies the effectiveness of customer support based on a stringent set of performance standards that represent best practices in the industry.

By Staff
Asset Management June 27, 2006

SmartSignal Summit ’06 announced

SmartSignal announced that its “Summit ’06: New Ideas for Peak Performance” will be held Sept. 18—20, 2006 at Swissotel in Chicago, IL Hosted by SmartSignal Corp., a provider of equipment-performance-improvement solutions, the three-day conference will bring together an unparalleled group of industry thought leaders, infrastructure partners and operations executives to explore new ideas for peak performance. During interactive breakout sessions, companies from the Power Generation; Oil and Gas; Aerospace and Defense; and Pulp and Paper industries will share their experiences of how predictive analytics solutions increase equipment reliability, availability, efficiency and compliance.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management March 16, 2006

News from PLANT ENGINEERING: Week of April 17

Case study on reliability excellence For an organization to achieve excellence, a common focus and rate of change must be developed, not only within maintenance, but equally within operations, engineering, materials and procurement, and other functions operating within the same business, regardless of business unit physical boundaries. Go to under the‘Research’ section of ERG and find the latest case study from Darrin Wikoff of Life Cycle Engineering. Invensys launches InFusion Invensys introduced its enterprise control system to link the enterprise and plant floor systems. Called InFusion, the enterprise control system wraps technologies from Invensys’ Avantis, Foxboro, Simsci-Esscor, Triconex and Wonderware business units around its ArchestrA unified architecture, then combines it with integration technologies from Microsoft and SAP to create a business control strategy that optimizes asset availability and asset utilization to maximize the economic value derived from those assets.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management March 1, 2006

Aldrin, Ride to take SME event into orbit

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, will headline the Society of Manufacturing Engineers' Total Manufacturing Experience at the Los Angeles Convention Center starting on March 27. An avid supporter of youth education and an SME member, Aldrin will present an award to the winning team of the WESTEC Manufacturing Challenge.

By Staff
Asset Management February 1, 2006

Turbine monitor

The CSI 4500 Machinery Health Monitor application provides live, continuous monitoring of turbines used for main power and other critical processes during transient conditions. This condition monitoring technology supports predictive and proactive maintenance by presenting data for asset management decision making.

By Staff
Asset Management January 1, 2006

Marriage of ERP and EAM/CMMS: means better business decisions

Asset-intensive companies have long recognized that a good Enterprise Asset Management system produces significant cost savings that go directly to the bottom line. Unlike Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, a narrower application, which maintains plant and equipment and analyzes and reports on maintenance, EAM has a broad focus, which includes financial, inventory and workforce manage...

By Mary Wylde, Business Solutions, Consultant, IFS
Asset Management January 1, 2006

CMMS system upgrade

An upgrade to Version 7.0 of MicroMain XM is a computerized maintenance management system that also is available as an enterprise asset management system. Enhancements in the new version of the software enable organizations in virtually every industry to streamline their maintenance operations. New features include alerts, contract management, visual scheduling, and reporting options.

By Staff
Asset Management November 7, 2005

ABB acquires HSB Reliability

ABB, a power and automation technology provider has acquired HSB Reliability Technologies and HSB Reliability Systems groups for an undisclosed amount. The acquired businesses have more than 70 years of reliability and maintenance consulting and implementation experience with the world’s leading manufacturing companies in both the process and discrete industries. These groups were part of The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company, one of the world’s leading equipment breakdown insurers. These groups will be integrated into ABB’s service organization, effective immediately. "We look at this acquisition as a strong, strategic investment in the future of ABB, our new employees and our industrial customers," said Michael Drew, Vice President of Global Engineering & Consulting Services.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management November 1, 2005

Latest software release improves data management

The latest version of Datastream7i offers enhanced linear asset management capabilities with improved data management. Users with linear assets can effectively manage assets such as pipes, roads and rails and the fixed assets that occupy those networks. The new release includes improved material management functionality and improved invoicing and advanced reporting.

By Staff
Asset Management November 1, 2005

Process control, management at an angle

Experion R300 unified system for process, business and asset management is redesigned to include optionally redundant process I/O modules; I/O modules slanted at an 18-degree angle to improve product lifecycle and reduce energy costs; embedded cyber security; an automated backup and restore function; and integrated procedural operations functionality.

By Staff
Asset Management November 1, 2005

Scheduling and dispatch solution for EAM systems

The Smart Schedule is a scheduling and dispatch solution targeted at companies using MRO Software's Maximo enterprise asset management solution. This will offer a pre-integrated, pre-configured scheduling and dispatch system for asset maintenance. Syclo: TO VOTE, WRITE 125 ON THE BALLOT For more information, write 125 on the card

By Staff
Asset Management September 12, 2005

ClickSoftware, Syclo announce partnership

Syclo, a provider of mobile software, and ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd., a provider of workforce and service optimization solutions, have integrated their products to create SMART Schedule, a rapid-deployment scheduling and dispatch solution targeted at companies leveraging enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions such as MRO Software's Maximo. Through this agreement, the partners are offering the first pre-integrated, pre-configured scheduling and dispatch solution for the asset maintenance marketplace. The new joint software product offering bridges the gap between the limited work management tools available to maintenance organizations and the completely automated scheduling optimization solutions deployed by large field service organizations. The joint software offering is intended to assist organizations that maintain physical assets such as equipment, plants, facilities and fleets to schedule the right person to perform the right work at the right time. Solving this resource management issue enables significant improvements in worker productivity, customer satisfaction and asset reliability.

By Plant Engineering Staff
Asset Management September 1, 2005

Recognize the true value of asset management

Traditionally, maintenance personnel focus on equipment uptime — or asset availability. Operations or manufacturing personnel focus on how much product these assets can produce — or asset utilization. Although forward-thinking plants are seeking ways to tear down the barriers and minimize the conflicts between maintenance and operations, they still tend to be opposing forces.

By Kevin F. Fitzgerald, P.E., Invensys Process Systems
Asset Management February 10, 2005

Working the work order strategically

The work order is a vital component of any efficient plant. It is often used to procure new materials, schedule routine tasks, or make repairs. When integrated with a strategic asset management system, the work order serves even greater purposes such as record keeping, ensuring regulatory compliance, and budget forecasting.

By Neville Wulff, MRO Software, Bedford, MA
Asset Management November 10, 2004

General & Maintenance Software

Suite provides real-time data Proficy Intelligent Production Solutions software is an integrated suite for plant production and control. It allows data to be shared among business and plant floor applications, and features scalability, unified data model, shared security, change management, and access to data in real time. Developed for Windows, software includes plant data repository and asset management. GE Fanuc Automation : TO VOTE, WRITE 44 ON BALLOT For more information, write 44 on card Software consolidates data System 800xA software is designed to provide asset optimization.

By Staff
Asset Management July 8, 2004

Understanding event data collection: Part 1

Editor's note: This is the first of a two-part series on the importance of effective event data collection for reliability analysis. The second part will appear in the August issue. Collecting event data is a minimum requirement to measure the effectiveness of your current asset management strategies.

By Ken Latino
Asset Management June 10, 2004

Software & Computers – 2004-06-10

Voice recognition Talk-and-type voice recognition software allows you to dictate directly into your Windows-based CMMS application instead of typing in long preventive maintenance procedures and other text-intensive tasks. Software features include use of Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine. UNIK Associates Write 321 on PE card Updated EAM InSite EE is updated and extended edition of web-based EAM software that provides access to asset information across multiple departments, geographies, and computing environments. Software enables use of condition monitoring and analysis tools in real time. Indus International, Inc.

By Staff
Asset Management January 10, 2004

10 Trends that will change your job

While the basic definition of the plant engineering function has changed little over the past 50 years, the technologies, methods, and knowledge for accomplishing that function have changed

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor, Plant Engineering
Asset Management December 10, 2003

Asset coverage

One of the hot initiatives these days seems to be asset management. It's about time. Companies are finally coming to the realization that caring for their physical assets and even making them increasingly productive, instead of letting them deteriorate, is good business. Asset management, of course, is what good plant engineering and maintenance have always been about.

By Richard L. Dunn, Editor
Asset Management November 1, 2003

Measuring overall craft effectiveness How OCE impacts your bottom line

This is Part 2 of a three-part series. Part 1 appeared in the October issue, p 39. Part 3 will appear next month. Improving overall craft effectiveness is a key topic we need to address. Getting maximum value from craft labor resources and higher craft productivity require measurement and knowing where you are now.

By Ralph W. Peters, President, The Maintenance Excellence Institute, Raleigh, NC
Asset Management October 10, 2003

Software & Computers – 2003-10-10

OPC breaks internet barrier The OPC Foundation released its OPC (OLE for process control) XML (extensible markup language) Data Access (XML DA) specification in August as part of a move toward platform-independent interoperability and generic support for internet-based web services. The new specification provides the gateway to the internet for OPC data and information to be transferred to and from any OPC-enabled device. This capability allows OPC support to be added to any device on the plant floor capable of supporting a web service, facilitating data and information communication seamlessly and transparently among devices, independent of the operating system and networking technology that each device employs. Enhanced vision software FrameWork 2.6 machine vision software features include common interface to vision sensors with enhanced functionality; improved color learning options; the addition of XML communication for inspection data, which allows the meaning of values to be transmitted through XML tags; image filtering for noise; calibration in nanometers; improved barcode reading capability; and improved memory management. DVT Corp.

By Staff
Asset Management October 10, 2003

Integrating EAM and PdM for maintenance productivity

Virtually every maintenance organization in modern manufacturing plants focuses on implementing clearly defined asset management practices. Successful plant engineers are shifting more of the routine maintenance activities toward predictive maintenance (PdM).

By Ian Wray, Indus International, Atlanta, GA
Asset Management August 6, 2003

Software & Computers – 2003-08-06

Flat panel monitors Near Field Imaging (NFI) technology is built into a line of 28 new flat panel monitors. The touch screens offer durability beyond that of traditional capacitive touch screens, and can be used with almost any stylus or a gloved hand. Available in clean and antiglare finish, the monitors are mechanically identical to the standard and resistive touch screen-based products. Christensen Display Products, Inc.,, Write 340 on PE card Extended software capabilities System 1 version 4.0 is an updated plant asset management (PAM) software program.

By Staff
Asset Management August 6, 2003

Performance contracting: Gaining competitive advantage

Editor's note: This is the second of a two-part series. Clearly, there is no universal best approach for performance contracting. The specifics of your strategy, situation, and goals ultimately must dictate your approach. However, my experience with performance contracts in numerous industries serving companies large and small, with diverse visions, strategies, and operating philosophies sugges...

By Jim Humphries, Vice President of Performance Technology, Fluor, Greenville, SC
Asset Management May 6, 2003

Reduce maintenance costs with faster instrument calibration

Calibration is a time-consuming maintenance activity that must be performed periodically on every field instrument to assure efficient operation of the process and to satisfy the requirements of regulatory agencies. Calibration can take from one to four hours of a technician's time per device using generally accepted procedures.

By Todd A. Gates, Emerson Process Management, Eden Prairie, MN
Asset Management March 15, 2003

Vendor viability: Buyer beware

The CMMS/EAM industry is no different from any other packaged software marketplace. Profitability is the ultimate measure of vendor success. Having the slickest solution on the block is no consolation for not making money. If a vendor cannot consistently turn a profit, its economic viability must be questioned.

By Tom Singer Contributing Editor, Principal, Tompkins Associates, Oak Brook, IL
Asset Management January 15, 2003

Software and Computers – 2003-01-15

Case history Integrating EAM software Responding to a corporate initiative to standardize its enterprise ERP systems, Metaldyne's Sintered Components plant in St. Marys, PA, required a migration from a heavily used enterprise asset management (EAM) software program to a system that could support its ERP system. The directive meant changing to a new software package.

By Staff
Asset Management November 15, 2002

General and Maintenance Software – 2002-11-15

Click above to view 2002 Product of the Year finalists in this category.

By Staff
Asset Management November 15, 2002


Click above to view 2002 Product of the Year finalists in this category.

By Staff
Asset Management October 15, 2002

User conference, pump portal, new company, and FDA compliance

Automation architecture leverages legacy systems Invensys released its new automation architecture at its user conference, Invensys Showcase, held the second week of September in Orlando, FL. ArchestrA is a comprehensive plant automation and information architecture that extends the life of legacy systems by leveraging the latest software available for those systems.

By Jack Smith, Senior Editor, Plant Engineering magazine
Asset Management October 15, 2002

On the horizon

Evidence is growing that the role of the plant engineering function is headed up. Asset management, reliability, availability, and maintenance are being more and more recognized as essential to the success of the business plan. And from the plant level to the board level, the value of well-managed plant assets is taking on new meaning.

By Richard L. Dunn Editor
Asset Management May 13, 2002

Maintenance must be seen as a priority

EDITOR'S NOTE: This column is the third in a series of columns based on the book, Future Capable Company: What Manufacturing Leaders Need To Do Today To Succeed Tomorrow, by Dr. Tompkins. These excerpts are provided through special arrangement with the publisher, Tompkins Press. Copyright c 2001 Tompkins Press.

By James A. Tompkins, Ph.D., President, Tompkins Associates, Raleigh, NC
Asset Management April 15, 2002

Asset management firms change hands and form alliances

Software firms form allianceAkula, supplier of internet-based handhelds, and MRO, provider of enterprise asset management (EAM) solutions have formed a partnership. Akula will offer its web-based mWorker suite of customizable software products to MRO Software's MAXIMO 4.0 and 5.0 clients.mWorker automates the remote aspects of facility maintenance, including work order completion, data co...

By Staff
Asset Management April 15, 2002

Strategic maintenance

In his new book, Making Common Sense Common Practice , Ron Moore makes an eloquent argument for the strategic role that maintenance needs to play in modern manufacturing. Unfortunately, according to the data he presents, not many manufacturers recognize that role. Or, at least, they're not demonstrating that they believe in it to the point of supporting it adequately.

By Richard L. Dunn Editor
Asset Management December 1, 2001

Make asset management an executive priority

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, it sometimes seems like plant floor folks are from Mercury while CEOs, CFOs, and COOs are from Pluto. The perceptions and attitudes between the plant floor and the executive floor often seem to be so radically different that they are out of this world.

By Martin Osborn, Vice president of product marketing, hosted solutions, Datastream
Asset Management August 1, 2001

Artificial Intelligence Poised to Revolutionize Preventive Maintenance

Highly automated applications of pattern recognition technology that can predict machine breakdown events with 80%+ accuracy one week ahead of occurrence offer the promise to soon make the current regimens of routine preventive maintenance obsolete. This is fact, not an exaggeration. These first applications for industrial asset management use the same type of pattern recognition technologies ...

By David Harris, President, Zero Maintenance International
Asset Management June 1, 2001

Siemens and Datastream sign licensing agreement for EAM

Siemens Industrial Services and Datastream Systems, Inc., have signed a general agreement to form a global alliance for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM). Siemens, a technical services provider, will license, implement, and support Datastream's family of asset lifecycle management solutions and services, making the web-based EAM system available to Siemens' customers.

By J. Smith
Asset Management June 1, 2001

Fisher-Rosemount changes name

Fisher-Rosemount is changing its name to Emerson Process Management to reflect its expansion into industry-specific engineering, consulting, and project management services. Its expanded services and solutions complement Fisher-Rosemount's products, technologies, and automation architecture. The new name and adoption of a new logo also reinforce the company's link to its parent, St.

By J. Smith
Asset Management February 1, 2001

Understanding the “alphabet soup” of maintenance management

Key concepts A CMMS helps maintenance organizations manage work orders, material control, and purchasing. With EAM, a company can go from being plant-centric to enterprise-centric.

By Stefanie I. Stagnaro, Cayenta, Inc., San Diego, CA
Asset Management November 1, 2000

General and Maintenance Software – 2000-11-01

Software gets to root cause of problems Proact V2.0 root cause facilitation software manages a knowledge database of solved events and allows users to benefit from the results.

By Staff
Asset Management August 1, 2000

Managing pressure vessels as capital assets reaps maintenance rewards

For some, it may be surprising to learn about the enormous impact boilers and pressure vessel equipment have on their daily lives.

By Glenn Robinson and Robert Trombey, The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co., Hartford, CT
Asset Management March 1, 2000

Mobile maintenance

New eSaver mobile workflow solution allows maintenance workers to accept work orders and provide feedback via the internet using a handheld PC. The program is a fully web-enabled enterprise asset management system. Mainsaver www.mainsaver.

By Staff
Asset Management November 1, 1999

Asset management program is internet-based

TabWare OnLine offers best-of-breed CMMS/EAM functionality as a completely outsourced application via the internet for a low monthly fee. The software meets all of the expectations of a traditional system with a simple internet connection.

By Staff
Asset Management November 1, 1999

EAM software provides web portal for universal access

iEmpac software uses a web-based interface to allow users to access the enterprise asset management (EAM) functionality in real time, regardless of their client.

By Staff
Asset Management May 1, 1999

Touring NPEM 1999: Information technologies for maintenance management show promise, innovation

Because in part it coincides with the end of winter, I always look forward to attending National Manufacturing Week and the National Plant Engineering and Management Show at Chicago's McCormick Place.

By Tom Singer
Asset Management May 1, 1999

Strides to successful business: Six steps to implementing work process control

How do we gain control of our business problems? Business consultants are regularly retained to answer this question by either improving or defining a multitude of options.

By Thomas L Munsey
Asset Management April 1, 1999

Enterprise asset management system increases equipment uptime 15%

Implementing an enterprise asset management system has yielded a 15% increase in equipment uptime for a Michigan pigment manufacturing plant.

By Staff
Asset Management March 1, 1999

Reliability services

A 16-p brochure details how a company can increase profits through improved performance of its people by using various services. Proactive maintenance, benchmarking, and asset management are among the activities described.

By Staff
Asset Management February 1, 1999

Moving beyond TPM to total plant reliability: Redefining the concept to optimize benefits

Total productive maintenance, a methodology originating in Japan to support its lean manufacturing system, was introduced to this country in the late 1980s.

By John Roup
Asset Management January 1, 1999


Colorful 16-p brochure depicts a roofing contractor's capabilities. Included are technical services, types of roof systems offered, installation services, planned maintenance and asset management programs, and warranty information.

By Staff
Asset Management December 1, 1998

Three priorities for 1999

There's a lot of talk these days about a downturn next year. And that kind of talk always gets us thinking about such things as cutbacks, downsizing, and outsourcing.

By Richard L. Dunn
Asset Management November 1, 1998

CMMS blends Java, advances in workflow processes

Maximo 4.0 enterprise asset maintenance software incorporates the latest Java technology with advances in workflow processes, materials management, safety, procedural compliance, and user interface.

By Staff
Asset Management July 1, 1998

Staying ahead of the competition

The Total Plant Reliability process helps reduce operating costs, increase bottom line results, and keep an edge over competition.

By Staff
Asset Management April 1, 1998


Avantis.Pro helps companies meet business objectives through advanced asset management. Open client/server architecture provides enterprise-wide access to data while allowing individuals to work with the software tools best for them.

By Staff
Asset Management April 1, 1998

Integrated Document Management

Integrated Document Management is termed an information and document management backbone for the enterprise.

By Staff